Non-addictive painkiller more powerful than morphine created by Russian scientists


November 18, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

PYATIGORSK, Russia – Department head of the Volgograd State Medical University and RAS Member, Alexander Spasov, told TASS on Friday in Pyatigorsk have announced that clinical tests have begun on a new painkiller that is not addictive but outperforms morphine.

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“Together with our colleagues from the South Federal University, we created a drug which still has no specific name but is only referred to as RU-1205,” Spasov announced at the 3rd International Research and Practice Conference on Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology. 

“Based on its effect, it outperforms such well-known painkillers as morphine and promedol and does not cause addictive side effects,” he explained. 

“Now, a full round of preclinical studies has been completed, and we are negotiating with two plants that are supposed to bankroll clinical research and initiate industrial production. At present, there isn’t a similar drug like this anywhere in the world,” he announced.

“A pain-killing drug, which outperforms morphine, and does not cause mental or physical addiction, is a huge breakthrough. This medication may set off a small revolution in pharmacology. It will save patients from subsequent addiction, it takes away the possibility of a drug habit setting in, which occurs when using morphine products over the long term,” Spasov pointed out.

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