Old Soviet dictionary reveals definition of the word “Mortgage”


November 8 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
by Inessa Sinchougova 

Users of social media have come across a copy of an old Soviet dictionary, with the definition for the word “Mortgage” generating outmost interest. The dictionary states:

“Mortgage – a sum of capital, given out by banks of capitalist countries, in order to secure real estate, land, buildings or infrastructure. A mortgage is a tool of exploitation of lower and middle classes (the text uses the word “peasants”.) Through interest, they give away to banks almost all of their earnings. A difficult socioeconomic position forces the lower and middle classes (peasants) to obtain debt, give away other belongings to banks as security, which often leads to the repossession of the property by the bank. Mortgages do not exist in the USSR and other countries, which are developing via the socialist model.”

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One user comments, “This is why the 1990s coup was orchestrated, under fake president Yeltsin – to force the country into the hands of the cabal, to make it dependent on the dollar. This is when it began and has been continuing for 17 years. Don’t blame the government, our president does what he can to eradicate this. We are still paying off the huge debts from the 1990s, when “Western nits” decided to “care about us.”

Well, she’s not wrong. The exploitation didn’t end at the naive, socialist “peasants” but permeated through all levels of the state and government, via loans and interest of major international organisations. 

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