REVEALED: 2,500 German neo-nazi mercernaries fought in Ukraine conflict


November 12th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
– Spiegel – translated by J Flores for FRN – 

The Ukrainian Azov Regiment uses flyers to recruit new members at neo-Nazi events – apparently successful: More and more mercenaries are joining forces to save “Europe from extinction”.

Jan K. from the East of Germany, for example: Giving a thumbs-up he poses for a Facebook photo, he wears a T-shirt in camouflage colors, a protective vest, on it an emblem with the words “Azov”. 

This right-wing extremist volunteer battalion, which is fighting against pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine conflict , is getting more and more fans from Europe, especially from Germany, according to information given to SPIEGEL . According to security authorities, more than 2,500 soldiers fought in the militia in 2014. 

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The reason is a recruiting offensive for a “reconquest of Europe”, with which the regiment also recruits among German neo-Nazis and their offspring. In July, for example, German-speaking flyers were distributed among the visitors at a Rechtsrock-Festival in the Thuringian town of Themar, inviting them to “join the ranks of the best” in order to preserve “Europe from extinction”.

Azov was founded in the spring of 2014 by nationalist politicians and is subordinate to the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior. The regimental commander, the far-right politician Andrij Bilezkyj, received the rank of lieutenant colonel in 2014 from the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior.

The advertising campaign of the Ukrainian fighters has apparently been successful: As with Jan K., social networks are increasingly displaying photos of German neo-Nazis who proudly present their allegiance to Azov.

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