RF military expert on US anti-Russia budget: “money thrown to the wind”


November 9, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Rueconomics.ru, translated by Tom Winter –

“US may approve 4.5 billion to counteract Russia in Europe”

Irretrievable losses: American “counteraction” of Russia in Europe “will wash out” billions from the US budget

Washington. The $ 4.6 billion allocated by the Committees for the Armed Forces of the US Congress for countering “Russian aggression” and “strengthening US positions in Europe” will for the most part be thrown to the wind. This according to the military expert, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin, on “Economy Today” ….

“The US global goal in geopolitics is the removal of all competitors in the political and economic space.” The most serious competitor of the United States is Russia now, therefore, the main efforts are concentrated against it. The second “danger” for Washington is China, at the same time, the Americans are trying to apply the experience of destroying the USSR to their confrontation with Russia.

“The Soviet Union was drawn into the global arms race and at a certain point its economy could not stand it. Now the Americans are building up a military presence at Russian borders in order to provoke Russia to respond and force them to increase their investments in the army. However, the authorities of the Russian Federation take into account the experience of the USSR and focus the responsive measures, where necessary, in the right quality. That is, Moscow does not give in to provocation, and the US is “washing away” funds from its budget,” the expert believes.

Committees for the armed forces of both houses of the US Congress approved the allocation of 4.6 billion dollars to counter Russia in Europe in the 2018 financial year. The bill allows the money to be spent on the implementation of the “Deterrence Initiative in Europe,” to “strengthen the confidence of NATO allies and strengthen the US military potential on the continent.” In particular, of this amount, $ 100 million is allocated for the Pentagon to spend on improving the defense capacity of the Baltic states.

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“First of all, the money will go to the deployment of an additional contingent of American troops and military equipment in various European countries, a significant part will be spent on carrying out various exercises designed to “counter the Russian threat.” They also finance reconnaissance flights at Russian borders, demonstration in the ports of bordering countries by American ships with “Tomahawk” missiles on board ….

A certain part of the financing will be spent on the purchase of military equipment, which is transferred to the European states for “strengthening the defense capability.” Some states will pay rent for these weapons, all without exception – for technical maintenance,” the expert points out.

What will Ukraine get?

The total budget of the Pentagon, according to the bill, will be 700 billion dollars, which is 26 billion more than the request of the White House. The document must be approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate. Finally, it will be approved or returned for revision by US President Donald Trump ….

Ukraine, which a few years ago received a separate line of funding from the US defense budget, according to preliminary data, looks to  receive military aid for 350 million dollars. Kiev has repeatedly asked Washington to supply “lethal weapons” – anti-tank guided missiles, ships, and air defense equipment. While Washington sent the Ukrainian army only food rations, uniforms, optical sights, night vision devices and light SUVs.

“In the case of direct military assistance to Ukraine, a well-known scheme is used: Kiev will not receive any “live” money – most of the investments will return to the US budget in the form of salaries to military instructors and specialists training VSU soldiers for Ukraine with significant mark-ups for the Pentagon.

“Ukraine does not need lethal weapons – it has them in abundance from the Soviet Union since Soviet times. Obtaining foreign samples will become a problem rather than a help – NATO rifles and howitzers will require expenditures for the purchase of ammunition from the West. Producing NATO standard cartridges and 155 mm caliber shells in its territory means building huge, secret factories full cycle – it is very doubtful that in this Kiev would go further than declarations.

“Perhaps the US will even supply Ukraine with several Javelin ATGMs or second-hand military boats. The experience of the Georgian army has already shown that used American boats are more of a burden. And similarly the appearance of 40-year-old “Javelins” can not play an important role in the Donbass,” concludes Viktor Litovkin.

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