Rock bottom: Poroshenko wife laundered money intended for needy children


November 20 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

DNR News – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

Ukraine’s first lady, Marina Poroshenko, is suspected of involvement in money laundering through international humanitarian agencies, which were intended to help children with disabilities. This is reported by the Luxembourg Herald with reference to a source in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Marina Poroshenko, the wife of the president, personally “controls” the flow of funds to the accounts of these organisations and actively participates in their promotion – says the article. 

According to the publication, the United States and European countries transferred money for the needs of Ukrainian children with disabilities, via fake international humanitarian aid agencies. Funds from these accounts of charitable organizations were transferred to different firms, including offshore ones, and then the agencies were closed, the publication says. 

The Luxembourg publication separately mentions the organization of the International Renaissance Foundation by George Soros, through which tens and hundreds of millions of dollars have passed for this scheme.

A source in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine also provided Luxembourg journalists with data on the activities of the charitable organization “Strong Ukraine”, in which Marina Poroshenko participated. According to the source, after the fund’s organizers appropriated money, they decided to liquidate the enterprises. 

Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, Rostislav Pavlenko, is also suspected of involvement in this corruption scheme. 

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