Russia, Iran and Turkey make joint declaration on resolving the Syrian crisis


November 22, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

SOCHI, Russia – The presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey have made a joint declaration on resolving the Syria crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters on Wednesday after the trilateral summit.

“The document defines priorities for further cooperation of Russia, Turkey and Iran, which have the upper hand in Syrian issues, and sets concrete tasks for the future,” Putin said.

​”We have just completed with President of Iran Mr. Rouhani and President of Turkey Mr. Erdogan quite substantive talks on Syria, which were held in a constructive and businesslike manner,” the head of the Russian state said.

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“The presidents discussed in detail the basic aspects of the Syrian settlement and agreed to continue taking the most active efforts to solve the main task: to establish peace and stability in that country, preserve its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity,” he said.

As Putin stressed, “We are united in the intention to promote the interaction of the three countries within the Astana format, which has already proven its efficiency and helped reduce considerably the level of violence in Syria and create conditions for the return of refugees and internally displaced persons.”

Wrapping up outcomes of the summit, Putin noted that the three presidents “focused with satisfaction on substantial successes of the joint war on terror and confirmed readiness to boost cooperation so as to completely destroy ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other extremist groups.”

“We have agreed that successes on the battlefield, which lead to liberation of Syria’s entire territory from militants, have begun a qualitatively new stage in the crisis resolution. They imply real prospects for the long-term and comprehensive normalization in Syria and the country’s political development in the post-conflict period,” Putin said, adding “that has been the objective of the joint declaration negotiated at the talks.”.

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