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November 2, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Dmitry Sikorsky, in, translated by Tom Winter –

Milonov on FAN being blocked on Google: the West, instead of truth, offers its inhabitants “offal”

Moscow. The news agency FAN – (Federal News Agency) reports that the leading US aggregator Google.News has stopped issuing its news in its search ….

This action by Google News is logical

In addition, the entire FAN news archive, from the beginning of this agency, has been deleted from this aggregator, which in turn indicates that it is no accident, rather a purposeful action on the part of Google News.

Apparently, such a decision of Google News was due to the fact that FAN is the leader in covering the military operations in Syria, therefore, one can come to the conclusion that the American company for some reason did not like the materials of the Russian news agency. So, here we are talking about direct political censorship, which in fact can beconvenient to the government of the United States.

In fact, such an action is all of a piece for the US, since the level of influence of US authorities on such information aggregators as Facebook, Twitter, and Google can be traced and, for example, the attempt of the US Congress to once again tie to Russia the impact on the presidential elections in this country.

Franz Klintsevich, first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council on Defense and Security, in conversation with the FBA “Economy Today” noted that this decision of Google News is not surprising, because we have a direct consequence of the US information strategy ….

Franz Klintsevich

The Americans will continue to implement such an information policy

“Take Syria: for many countries of the world, the internet very often acts as the only source of objective information. Here you need to understand that what Americans do in Syria and in the rest of the world today has nothing to do with legality, objectivity, and truth. And in this regard, the Russian media really do colossal harm to Americans in this information-psychological struggle,” Klintsevich concludes.

According to Franz Adamovich, this trend will only increase, and the Americans will continue to pursue a purposeful policy to erase content with negative information for themselves.

“Here they will find completely different reasons – from technical to hacking, although, at the same time, Americans will never admit such facts. This will be done not with the help of legitimate actions, but with imagination, imposed and out of lawlessness,” Klintsevich sums up.

Indeed, the most remarkable piece of this story is the fact that Google has never officially announced such a decision.

The United States does not like the objective information presented by Russian media

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In part, this is due to the fact that such actions are contrary to both Russian and American legislation, where the principle of the primacy of freedom of speech exists, and partly because such actions may be the subject of an implicit agreement between Google and US government bodies.

It’s no secret that the American authorities do not like the way the Russian press describes Washington’s foreign policy today, especially in the context of the issues most sensitive for the United States. First of all, this concerns the military and political crisis in Syria, where Americans conduct an extremely aggressive foreign policy line that directly contradicts the modern norms of international public law.

As an example of such discontent, one can cite the political campaign that is currently unfolding in the United States in relation to the Russia Today television channel.

Member of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs Vitaly Milonov in the comments for the FBA “Economy Today” came to the conclusion that this is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing to be surprised at, given the modern information policy of the West ….

Vitaliy Milonov, member of the Duma Committee on International Affairs

There is political censorship in the West

“It’s enough to look at what news is being given to Western users today – it’s just some kind of horror. There, for example, it is said that here in Russia the national pastime is killing and eating dogs. When you listen, you really have to wonder how this is even possible,” Milonov says.

Vitaly Vladimirovich believes that this precedent tells us that nobody wants to know the truth in the West, which only confirms the absurdity of all the accusations that are periodically heard about political censorship in Russia.

“This case tells us that if there is some kind of censorship in Russia, then in the West there is a situation where the Russian state of affairs is multiplied many times over. So, all this again proves that any news agencies, which, though cautiously, will provide some kind of objective information in the West, will be subject to censorship there. Especially when it comes to such an important issue as the state of affairs in Syria,” concludes Milonov.

According to the deputy, this story shows that, according to the decision of political circles, the people in the West should not know the truth about what is happening in Syria, and all information on this account should be given to it in the form of a by-product of those media that carry out informational support of US foreign policy.

“The US insists not just on political, but also informational monopoly in the world”

Thus, this situation only confirms the fact that the today’s confrontation between Russia and the West has also landed in the sphere of information, where Western governments have taken a course to restrict access to objective information on a number of issues.

These, of course, are such areas as Syria, Ukraine, the strengthening of NATO in Europe, and US military policy throughout the world. These topics are subjected to special censorship, as they are recognized as the most important subject of American and Western interests.

Author: Dmitry Sikorsky …

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