Russian Federal News Agency (Riafan) announces political censorship by


November 2, 2017 – Fort Russ News –, translated by Tom Winter –

“Nothing found on the inquiry
Recomendations: Check spelling…”

The Federal News Agency has announced political censorship by Google …

In particular, the news broadcast of FAN was terminated in Google.News on the night of October 27. Archival news also disappeared from the issuance.

According to the agency, the termination of access suits the government of the United States, which seeks to limit the dissemination of information on the fight against terrorism. The FAN was engaged in covering the conflict in Syria, the actions of the Syrian troops, and the Russian Air Force.

Journalists of the publication who work in the SAR report political censorship: Roman Martynovich notes that many users will not be able to form an objective news picture because of the blocking from Google.

The editors emphasize that for Google.News there should be a ban on censoring media working under the law, and the news broadcast of the FAN must be renewed. The relevant appeals are prepared for the antimonopoly service, as well as the supervisory bodies, and the court.

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