Russian language textbook prevents Donbass woman from visiting Ukraine


November 6 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
Rusvesna – by Inessa Sinchougova 

Kiev- affiliated road police in the Belovodsk district spent three hours at a roadblock, questioning a resident of Lugansk with her third-grader son, because of a textbook found with them of the Russian language.

The woman stated that on October 21 she, along with her son, attempted to visit the Markovskiy district to see her parents. She took the textbook along so that her son could continue his studies while away, “the report said.

“Stanitsa (checkpoint “Stanitsa Luganskaya”) we passed without problems. But on the Ukrainian side, they clung to us because of this textbook.”

According to the woman, the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine not only took away the textbook, tore it up and threw scraps in her face, but also kept her and the child for three hours.

“What we had to listen to – that we are separatists, bastards” and that we needed to be shot. This, so to speak, was the most decent of what they said. Then they put us on the return bus to Stanitsa, as if to say “you shall not step foot in Ukraine.”

Are these the European values Maidan fought for?

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