Schroeder: “We could be happy to have a Putin”


November 16, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated from German by Tom Winter –

Gerhard Schröder and V. V. Putin

Schröder on Russian president:“We could be glad to have a Putin”

Gerhard Schröder praises Kremlin chief and doyen friend Vladimir Putin in an interview. Also commenting on the situation of the SPD, the former Chancellor distances himself from Martin Schulz.

Gerhard Schröder, who has been made chairman of the supervisory board of the Russian Rosneft Group, and Russian President Vladimir Putin have been fostering an intimate friendship for years. Now the former Chancellor has once again defended the Kremlin chief.

In an interview with the weekly paper “Die Zeit” (Thursday edition), Schröder criticizes the Western sanctions against Russia and puts himself behind Putin. “Compared to the US president, we could be happy to have a Putin,” Schröder said.

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When asked what distinguishes Putin from populists like Donald Trump or the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Schröder said: “A high degree of rationality.” 

Moreover, Schröder described the idea that Russia wanted to annex the Baltic countries as “absurd”. The sanctions policy has so far been unsuccessful.

Schröder has been working for the gas company Gazprom since leaving the Chancellery in 2005. His new role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Rosneft Group caused a lot of criticism. The state-controlled company is a major supplier of crude oil to Germany.

“There are good people at the SPD like Andrea Nahles and Olaf Scholz”

Schröder also commented on his own party in the interview and backed off from SPD-Martin Schulz – three weeks before the party congress, in which Schulz wants to return to his job. When asked whether the SPD lacks convincing leaders, he says: “The SPD has good people like Andrea Nahles and Olaf Scholz.” He does not mention Schulz.

Instead, the former chancellor complains that former SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel does not receive the esteem he deserves. “The party did not credit him for the chancellor candidate, although he could have done it – The SPD doesn’t have that many gifted people.” But he was against the fact that the SPD now, like the CSU, is entangled in staff discussions.

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