Socialite bombshell volunteers to fight in the Donbass – goes home two days later


November 2 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

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Life – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

A young woman from a “bohemian crowd” in Russia’s capital, decided to “save the Russian world” in the East of Ukraine. She quickly realized that all was not how it seemed, and was very dangerous – pleading to return to Moscow days later.

The 26-year-old Elizaveta Sorkut  comes from the family of the Head of Sberbank IT directorate, Cyril Sorkut. On October 14 the woman suddenly disappeared, her phone was switched off. Her parents called her friends but no one knew where she was. Anything could have happened: a car accident or even abduction for the sake of ransom. They turned to the police for help.

Approximately at the same time, 800 kilometers from Moscow, another story unfolded. On October 15, Donetsk was preparing for the anniversary of the death of the commander of the anti-tank division of Sparta, the legendary Motorola. The next day, they solemnly opened a memorial dedicated to the both of the most famous commanders of Donbass militia – Motorola and Givi.

While the soldiers from the unit “Somalia” were busy at the cemetery, a spectacular blond grabbed their attention – it was a strange sight there by all accounts. The pretty woman firmly stated that she came to help the DPR in the struggle for independence, and asked the soldiers if there is a training ground nearby, where one could practice shooting.

Fighters have long been accustomed to various “fanatics and freaks” who travel from all over the former USSR and abroad to help them “save the Russian world.” However, the girl’s questions about the use of weapons aroused their suspicion, so they decided to hand her over to the local special services. 

Her identity was confirmed as the 26-year-old Elizaveta Sorkut, who arrived in the region from Moscow on October 14. As it turned out, she truly came to help the Republic in the struggle for independence, because Donbass is the historical homeland of her father. Her father, one of the managers at Sberbank, is from Debaltsevo himself. 

Sorkut spent the first uneasy night in Donbass in one of the abandoned houses, and in the morning visited the grave of Motorola. An idealised fantasy soon became replaced by the harsh realities of war, and the conditions of living there. Even these small adventures were enough for the “metropolitan piece” to change her mind. Sorkut phoned her father to ask for money for her way back. The soldiers accompanied her to the bus station, where they put her onto the next bus to the Russian border.

“Sorkut phoned her relatives saying she feared for her life and she wants to go back, – says the source. – I had to accompany her to the bus.”

Elizaveta is among the closest associates of Sergei Troitsky, better known as Corrosion of Metal (heavy metal band.) In social networks, there are photos of them together, where Sorkut is in the company of other girls in skimpy clothing. Topless girls on the stage have long been the hallmark of these performances.

Cyril Sorkut is 49 years old and has been working for Sberbank for a number of decades – he heads  the bank’s IT division across all services. The company did not give journalists any more information due to personal data protection protocols. 

The story probably caused some embarrassment to the family, and as naively as the story reads – it seems Elizaveta truly meant well.

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