SSNP leader lays out party’s prospects and visions, assures its strong commitment to anti-imperialism


November 8th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

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– written by Steven Sahiounie – translated by Samer Hussein –


BEIRUT, Lebanon. The president of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) has spoken.

In an exclusive interview (which also marked his debut appearance in the media) with the  news site Lebanon News Online, the head of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Hanna Al Nashif, said that the party’s primary goal is to strengthen its central authority in order to attract all sorts of nationalists, including those who are already involved in politics so that a strong team of nationalists will be formed, and which will reunite as many of the nationalists living all over the Greater Syrian Land (meaning Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine) as possible.

“Our political and national unity mean a lot to us”, Al Nashif said, adding that the secondary goal of the party is to observe political developments in Lebanon and other regions of the Greater Syrian Land, and of course working on to confront the vicious onslaught which aims to destroy the Syrian civilization and lower the people’s morale.

On the subject of SSNP’s Habib Shartouni who assassinated Bachir Gemayel (the former Lebanese president-elect), the president stressed that there are no divisions in the ranks of the party as regards Shartouni, affirming that all members of the party stand on the same ideological grounds, with their arch enemy always being Israel, pointing out that there is no way for SSNP to exist or function otherwise, given that the Syrian national education and upbringing is based on restoration of the Greater Syrian Land and the right of its people to reclaim it, Palestine including. 

The President of SSNP noted that Shartouni’s actions have changed the course of history and brought Lebanon on the right political path, meaning the anti-zionist one. He defended Shartouni’s actions as legitimate, saying they were a major obstacle to those who attempted to turn Lebanon into a Zionist entity.

It is noteworthy that Habib Shartouni has been promoted to the rank of “keeper” in the party.

On October 20th, 2017, the Judicial Council, Lebanon’s highest state security court, sentenced Habib Shartouni and Nabil Al Alam to death in absentia in the case of the 1982 assassination of the then Lebanese president-elect Bashir Gemayel. Both men were also stripped of their civil rights.


Habib Shartouni (left) on a poster alongside Antoun Saadeh, the party’s founder who was martyred in 1949

When asked about the position of SSNP on the current developments in Lebanon, namely the resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the head of the SSNP said Hariri was likely forced to resign due to pressure coming from Saudi Arabia, pointing out that the Lebanese President Michel Aoun is still waiting for him to return to Beirut and explain the whole thing in details. If it turns out he was forced to resign, his resignation will become void and things will go back to normal, whereas in case that he did it willingly, it would mean a different solution is needed.

“In that case, we support the solution that calls on the President of the Republic to either form a government of national unity or a technocratic one. For us, maintaining peace and stability is the most important thing”, Al Nashif said.

SSNP marches in Hamra Street, Beirut, Lebanon

“We have a committee that is studying the prevalence of nationalism by regions of the Greater Syrian Land. Its reports have become final, and in the light of these reports, the president will propose the names of the candidates and departments they will run”, he said, adding that candidates for the parliamentary election are yet to be officially announced. 

Regarding the question about certain individuals that promote themselves as candidates for the SSNP and seek to create an atmosphere of confusion and division within the ranks of the party, Al Nashif noted that every associate does not abide by rules and decisions of the party and seeks to create an atmosphere of division within its ranks, a thing that could prove highly damaging. In such cases, the party must assure the existence of the mechanism so that the prompt committee will be able to launch an investigation and issue the appropriate verdict, according to which such individuals will either be permanently dismissed or suspended from the party for a certain period of time. 

“It is a well known fact that we, a veteran political party, firmly stand against corruption, while promoting secularism, national unity and maintaining security and stability”, he pointed out.

As for the electoral alliances, in some cases it may not be ideological because the party, in accordance with the will of its founder, the late Antoun Saadeh, uses politics as a shroud to serve the faith.

“In order to serve our people and the interests of the party in the best possible way, we may ally ourselves with those with whom we otherwise disagree, providing that they are not our enemies and that forging alliances with them will not be hostile to our party and its political aspirations. I will address this to our Supreme Council”, Al Nashif said. 

The head of SSNP praised the role of mass communications, considering it an essential way of spreading the party’s message, while promising to boost the party’s media presence, especially because of is positive role as regards the consolidation of the national left.


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