State Duma: noisy LDPR leader yells at Communist Party


November 7 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
by Inessa Sinchougova 

At today’s session of the State Duma, the eccentric leader of the Liberal Democratic Party in Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, criticized the Interior Ministry for the fact that it still celebrates Day of the Police Worker on November 10th. The day marks the occasion that the Soviet police force was created in 1917.

“And what about November 10, before 1917? Was there no police in Russia? Was there not a Secret Order from Ivan the Terrible? Did Alexander I not create the Ministry of Internal Affairs? Only you and the FSB are still celebrating the 1917 occasion. Our history began 1150 years ago. I ask you to celebrate next year, starting with the creation of the Secret Order by Ivan the Terrible,” Zhirinovsky yelled from the podium of the Russian State Duma.

When the leader of the Communist party tried to object, Zhirinovsky called him “a tool of the kulaks.” (the wealthy of the USSR.)

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“It is right that the Soviet government is over – 100 years of slander! It is correct to have been overthrown, and it is correct to demolish monuments of Lenin. All over the world, we have to demolish them, so that there is not even a memory of your brutal regime!” Vladimir Volfovich shouted at the end of the speech.

If Zhirinovsky wasn’t an avid nationalist in his other speeches, it would be fitting to send him right on over to the Ukraine, whether the authorities meticulously clear out all evidence of the Soviet past.  

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