“Stop daydreaming and learn some geography” – Moscow to Washington

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November 2nd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Breakingnews.sy – – translated by Samer Hussein –

MOSCOW, Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry has responded to the statements of the US-led “anti-ISIS” international coalition about thousands of Syrian civilians fleeing the city of Deir Ez Zour (whose ISIS siege has recently been lifted by the Syrian Army) and are heading in northern direction towards the town of Mayadeen, saying its” geographical absurd.” 

James Gerrard, the commander of the special operations forces of the coalition, earlier said that thousands of people fled from the city of Deir Ez Zour to the town of Mayadeen, but not from ISIS terrorists, rather, they fled from the Syrian Army. 

According to his claims, people are not migrating to the south, but to the north, meaning they are leaving for the territory currently in the hands of the US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militants. The town of Mayadeen itself is located southeast of Deir Ez Zour.

In response to these allegations, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashnekov said: “Gerrard, you have recently exceeded all your colleagues as regards the illusion of what is happening in eastern Syria. In any case, it is strange to hear such aburd claims from the commander of special operations in the coalition. You said thousands of Arabs from the city of Deir Ez Zour are leaving for the town of Mayadeen, yet you claim they are migrating to the north, despite the fact Mayadeen is located southeast of Deir Ez Zour.”

The Russian general noted that there are no people who would want to move towards the north, particularly in direction of the recently “liberated” city of Raqqah that is now in the hands of the US-backed Kurdish separatist groups. 

Konashnenkov pointed out that about two weeks ago, Syrian Army managed to liberate the now former de-facto ISIS capital of Mayadeen, located  southest of Deir Ez Zour, meaning thousands of people did not flee from Deir Ez Zour there, but simply returned home, also with the assistance provided to them by the Russian Reconciliation Center and various humanitarian organizations. 

“The Americans are trying to portray their daydreaming about defeating terrorism in Syria as if it was 100% real, while in reality they often lack the basic knowledge of the situation on the ground”, General Konashnekov concluded.

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