Syrian Forces expected to reclaim Abu Kamal within hours

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November 18th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –


Syrian Army and its allies continue their operations to once again fully liberate the town of Abu Kamal, (formerly the last ISIS stronghold in the country), located in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ez Zour province, after terrorist group ISIS retook several parts of town.

During the past few hours, Syrian Army made a significant progress and now maintains control over most of the neighborhoods in town, following fierce clashes with ISIS terrorists. 

Since the start of the operation that began earlier this week, Syrian Army and its allies have regained about 500 square kilometers of land.

The operation was scheduled to go on in the following five phases: 

* Phase I: establishing control of the area stretching from the T2 pumping station to the Syrian-Iraqi border. 

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* Phase II: the closure of the Syrian-Iraqi border on both sides in cooperation with the Popular Mobilization Units and the Iraqi Forces, encirclement of Abu Kamal from the southeast (railway tracks).

* Phase III: taking control of the villages of Al Hari and Al Suwaayea, located southeast of the town.

* Phase IV: taking control of the village of Hamdan and the nearby military airport, and the villages of Sukariyeh and Al Ashaaeyer, located north of the town. 

* Phase V: surrounding the town from the east (and thus completely surrounding it) and starting to enter the neighborhoods in preparation for assuming complete control of the town. Judging by the latest field reports, this stage is now almost completed.

Although Syrian Army liberated Abu Kamal last week, certain parts of town were later retaken by ISIS, following severe pressure (made in unexplained circumstances) by the Washington-led international coalition, and which forced the units of the Syrian Army to briefly withdraw from the town. 

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