The new Maidan, or the war for Donbass will begin on 7 November – Opinion


November 2 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

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Op-ed – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Public discussion of the unplanned visit of US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker, on October 27, fails to answer one simple question: why did he come at short notice? The answer suggests there was some urgent matter. 

It should be noted that Kurt Volker paid a visit to Kiev almost immediately after Vladimir Putin’s speech in Sochi at the Valdai Club, where he made, it can be said, a policy statement on Ukraine and the Donbass. Putin said that “Russia needs a friendly Ukraine,” and Russia will not allow the introduction of Nazi formations to the Donbass, massacres in the Donbass; responsibility for what is happening lies on Europe:

“Today’s situation is the result of unconstitutional armed seizure of power in Ukraine, and Europe is to blame for this, because it supported this terror” said Putin. 

That is, indirectly, Putin called the Kiev authorities terrorists. He did not mention the USA at all. 

Volker made the direct opposite of Putin’s statements, on all points. He declared that “Ukraine has become more cohesive, more nationalistic, more anti-Russian, more Western-oriented than ever,” and blames this on Russia, which “committed aggression and occupies the Donbass,” but the peacekeeping operation must restore integrity. That is, it must give the Donbass over to the tyranny of the Bandera Nazis. Volker fully supported the “war party” in the Verkhovna Rada.

It seems that Volker immediately flew to Kiev to make anti-Putin and anti-Russian attacks. This means that the earlier Volker – Surkov summit ended in complete failure, its continuation and the necessity itself – is under a big question.

Volker pursues the policy of his former patron John McCain on “global deterrence of Russia” by fomenting a war in the Donbass: this “peacemaker” never tires of repeating the need to supply arms to Ukraine, in parallel with demagoguery about the peacekeeping mission in the Donbass. Contrast once again, that Putin does not mention the role of Europe in this mission at all.

Volker, in the company of McCain, somehow needs a war in the Donbass before the New Year. Is it a strike against the upcoming presidential elections in Russia?

After all, when talking about arms shipments to Ukraine, Volker does not bluff: Washington has already prepared a package of documents for the supply of arms to the Bandera regime, it only remains to receive the signature of President Donald Trump.

For the president to sign it, McCain and Volker need an appropriate pretext, which can be the resumption of the war in the Donbass.

If the Ukrainian army exacerbates the situation in the Donbass, and it can only be done by some serious offensive operation – McCain and Congress will be able to press on Trump, and he will sign a package of documents on arms supplies, “in view of Moscow’s resurgent aggression.”

World fake media will prove this by their lies, an anti-Russian campaign in the US will accept it as truth without evidence. Trump will find it difficult not to sign this anti-Russian package of documents, considering the pressure he is under.

Thus, Volker will fulfill McCain’s long-standing desire to supply arms to Ukraine and resume the war in the Donbass. 

It can be assumed that Volker proposed Poroshenko with simple options: either he resumes the war in the Donbass and receives a “defensive weapon”, or his agent Saakashvili will begin the long-announced operation to remove Poroshenko.

Saakashvili, at the same time as Volker’s visit, said “On November 7, I give them the last time they (the authorities) get a chance to accept our demands. We can not stand here forever.” (November 7 is the first sessional day of the Verkhovna Rada.) The right-wing militant Sivoy was more specific: “We are starting a war against Poroshenko, together with former participants of the anti-terrorist operation – against all the anti-Ukrainian authorities. Everything will be burned or blocked. “

Here, Bandera-ideology-loving political scientists speak about the absurdity of this ‘Maidan’ of 200 militants. However, commander-in-chief Poroshenko can not simply ignore it. Because this is not a Maidan, but rather a special operation.

Sivoy could simply carry weapons directly to the Verkhovna Rada, together with the reinforcement of the militants.

Saakashvili is only the visible part of the special operation against Poroshenko, and the fact that he can not do anything with a handful of militants speaks about the possibilities of the putschists behind them. The chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, coincidentally, lead Saakashvili from the border to the Verkhovna Rada along with the nationalist battalion “Donbass”, and now has got rid of the original police cordon around government buildings.

The closest associate of Avakov, Turchynov, urged Poroshenko to issue a decree on bringing the Ukrainian Army back to the Donbasss. Behind them are Tymoshenko, Sadovaya, Nalyvaichenko, Nayem and Lutsenko, and the oligarch Kolomoisky – all of them support Saakashvili but retreat into the shadows. They are allowing Poroshenko the opportunity to make the right decision.

Actually, this is the leadership of the new putsch, ready to break off the leash on the orders of Kurt Volker. These people can take and hold power, and express claims for legitimacy, and start a war in the Donbass. Turchinov openly asks again for the role of acting president of Ukraine.

In fact, the date for the launch of the putsch has already been fixed, it was announced by Saakashvili on November 7 – or Poroshenko will start the war on Donbass by November 7. Then the Saakashvili Maidan by the Rada and the putsch lose their relevance, for a time.

In any case, for Poroshenko there is to be either a war in the Donbass, or in Kiev, and not a mythical peacekeeping operation. 

The OSCE has announced the other day that “an escalation in the Donbass is inevitable.” But will it result in an offensive operation of the Ukrainian army? Chief of the General Staff, Viktor Muzhenko told the public of heavy losses, right up to his resignation.

Turchinov prudently offered to remove Muzhenko from his post for the recent explosions of military depots in Kalinovka. So the behavior of the Ukrainian army is difficult to forecast, just like the reciprocated answer of the Armed Forces of Novorossia.

Certainly one can say that Poroshenko has been presented an ultimatum. We will not need to wait long to understand the direction he will choose. 

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