Ukraine’s “swan” comsat project postponed once again


November 17, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

Launch of the Lybid (“Swan”) Ukrainian satellite again postponed.*

Ukraine plans to launch its first telecommunications satellite “Lybid” into orbit next year, the chairman of the State Space Agency of the country Degtyarenko said today. The launch was planned for 2012, but the launch has repeatedly been postponed.

He said that the project had been in trouble for a long time, but now its backers “have found support” of the Ukrainian government regarding further financing of the program.

“We expect that the planned steps will allow us to carry out the entire range of works necessary for Ukraine to finally get its own communication satellite in orbit in the second half of 2018,” Degtyarenko said.

He added that the situation with this satellite is to a certain extent connected with the crisis at the South Machine Plant.

In March, it was reported that the Ukrainian rocket “Cyclone-4M”, which was in development since 2004, will fly into space only in 2020.

In October last year, during a speech at the Sofiyskaya Square dedicated to the Day of the Defender of Ukraine, Poroshenko said that Ukraine will significantly increase developments in the field of space exploration. The head of the Yuzhnoye (Dnipro) design bureau, Alexander Degtyarev, declared in 2016 that Ukraine was ready to resume sending its astronauts into space and even build its own station on the Moon. Sergei Pashinsky, head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense, said earlier that Ukraine does not have the technological and financial resources, even to create its own military aircraft.
*For a reality check, see No money, no factory, no cosmodrome.

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