Ukrainian police and army raid nightclubs for cannon-fodder


November 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Novosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

Lvov. The chairman of the Lviv Regional State Administration Sinyutka approved raids on nightclubs in order to identify young slackers from serving in the ranks of the army. He stated this after the military and police raids in the center of Lviv.

He noted that he did not like the word “raid,” which some publications and users of social networks were calling these events. He believes that the military and police should publicize these actions, give them as much coverage as possible, and to involve journalists in the raids.

According to him, mostly “majors” sit in nightclubs, who aren’t students and are not on waiver, but are shying away from fulfilling their patriotic and constitutional duty to protect the Motherland.

“You must first fulfill your duty and serve in the army, and then entertain yourself in clubs,” Sinyutka said.

We note that on the night of November 4, policemen and soldiers arranged a round-up on potential recruits near a local nightclub.

October 28, representatives of the military enlistment office took 32 people by force during a raid by the National Police of Ukraine on a party at the club “Jugendhub” in Kiev.

Recall also that earlier the Ukrainian military commissariats called on citizens to come in on their own.

In the summer it was reported that employees of the Primorsky district military enlistment office of Odessa detained several dozen students of the Odessa National Polytechnic University, although the spring conscription campaign ended on May 31. 

According to students, people in military uniform arrived by car at the local dolphinarium, and caught them at the entrances to the hostel of the university. Those whose names were on the lists were then taken to the building of the regional military registration and enlistment office.

Recall also, in May, a resident of Ternopil fell out of the window while escaping from the military registration and enlistment office. The 25-year-old man jumped out of the fifth-story window. The ambulance responding to the call got into an accident.

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