Ukrainian saboteurs leave Crimeans without electricity

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November 1 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

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Politnavigator – by Inessa Sinchougova 

An incident occurred overnight on the southern coast of the Crimea, as a result of which a number of settlements were left without power.

The head of Crimean NTV, Oleg Kryuchkov wrote of sabotage on this blog, and hinted at a trail of Ukrainian saboteurs, but did not disclose any details.

“Gas supply has been tampered with on the South Coast. All is under control and supply has been restored. I can offer details after officials make the proper announcements. It seem our friends have crossed the red line.” wrote Kryuchkov.

A reminder that last night saboteurs also blew up a gas pipeline in the Alushta area.

“A power pillar has been toppled and there is hole in the gas pipe – 220 houses without gas and light. That’s 800 people. It’s a favorite Ukrainian style; in cold weather – cut off gas and electricity. Humanists!” Kryuchkov wrote earlier.

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