US big nightmare: an energy-independent Europe — with Russian help


November 17, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Igor Skripach, in, translated by Tom Winter –

The main nightmare of the United States: the EU will achieve energy independence with the help of Russia

Moscow. For the European Union to shake off US direction is only realistic if it finds energy independence from the United States — in which Russia can help Brussels, says political scientist Leonid Krutakov. …

Russia and the European Union need each other, and Russia could help Europe get out from under American influence, and restore its former geopolitical weight. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia Sergei Naryshkin.

“Russia and the countries of the European Union need each other, especially in the view of the challenges facing us at the current stage … Today, the pro-Western part of Europe faces the choice of following the wake of American geopolitics with the risk of finally losing its identity, or returning to to itself, acquiring geopolitical significance and, together with other global players, including Russia, building a genuinely multipolar, stable and democratic world order,” RIA Novosti cited Naryshkin.

Russia can help in restoring status to Europe, “partly because our country has preserved those Christian values that Europe itself has already lost in a certain part.”

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The crisis of the pro-American model …
Geographically, this is not just possible, but predetermined, says Leonid Krutakov. “It’s another matter that historically any attempt to unite Europe led to wars. The nightmare of the Anglo-Saxon world (formerly the center of this world was Britain, now the United States) is the combination of German technology and Russian resources, which is unacceptable because it destroys the world hegemon – the United States,” said the political scientist.

In the current configuration, Europe’s rejection of the American vector is impossible – until the European elites withdraw from the previous global pro-American project. On the other hand, the growing movement of Eurosceptics points to the crisis of the current European model, which is the product of the United States.

“The European Union is not so much the new German raid as much as it is the German straitjacket. Instead of focusing all efforts for a breakthrough in the future, Berlin is forced to expend itself, including its investment resources, on Poland, Spain and Italy. Naryshkin’s statement has its basis in this – Europe will be able to restore its own identity, gaining energy independence from the United States,” said Leonid Krutakov ….

Europe has not forgotten what it’s like to be a leader

It is Russia, as well as China, that can provide energy independence to Europe. It is not surprising, the expert reminded, that the first contracts of the USSR with Europe in this sphere caused a tantrum in the American media.

“Russia is a way to ensure the energy security of Europe, without this the EU’s independence is impossible,” Krutakov said.

The European Union has dissatisfaction with its current position and the loss of its previous dominant positions: “It is an obvious fact that the united West has lost its Eurocentricity, and now the center of Western civilization has finally moved to Washington, and Europe has only a peripheral role. As well as the fact that in a certain period of history, Europe was, and has not forgotten, what it’s like to be the center. “…

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