US consulates in Russia resume limited visa services


November 4, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

Moscow, Russia – A spokesperson at the US embassy in Moscow told TASS on Friday that US consulates in Russia have resumed processing nonimmigrant visas cases where interviews are not involved.

“We resumed limited nonimmigrant services on September 1 in Moscow, and the three consulates resumed processing nonimmigrant visa cases that do not require interviews,” Maria Olson said.

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“Unfortunately, we cannot process as many visas with our reduced staffing,” she added added.

“US law permits consular officers to waive the interview requirement in certain limited categories,” Olson explained.

“Consular officers may require any applicant to appear for an interview and must require that any applicant appear for an in-person interview in any situation where information provided on the application or during the screening process indicates any reason for further questioning,” the US embassy’s spokesperson said adding that “all visa applications, including those for which the visa interview is waived, are subject to the same rigorous security screening.”

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