Venezuela intervened in Spain, and what?


November 22, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – translated from Misión Verdad

CARACAS, Venezuela – The theory cited by the Deputy Director of El País, David Alandete, is also based on an investigation by the Strategic Command of NATO, which states that at the first level, Sputnik and RT generated matrices against Spain, then scattered in social networks by Chavistas and Russian bots.

Among the accounts cited as bots, appears, for example, that of Larissa Costas, the host of “A Un Click” broadcast on Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

But this theory does not stay here, because now the current president of Honduras, Orlando Hernandez, says that Venezuela is conspiring through social networks to influence the upcoming presidential elections, in which he is running for re-election. Therefore, Chavismo is assumed to have the capacity to influence the same extent that the communications apparatus of the United States does in every point of the globe.

As is obvious in this type of case, the evidence is partial and poorly supported. In that sense, it has no logic that a country like Venezuela, indicated to be in a humanitarian crisis, where people supposedly devour each other for a package of rice, have time to lead a conspiracy against a government that every day It happens replicating this image about the country. Less if that conspiracy is directed by the same Nicolás Maduro, who every day accuse of being an incapable man who speaks with birds.

You can not be everything at the same time, based on all the propaganda that every day is released against the Bolivarian Republic.

A conspiracy led by a country blocked

It is important to remember that at this moment Venezuela, accused of leading this conspiracy, has been literally quarantined by all the financial apparatus that responds to some of the power circles of Washington and Wall Street. Intended to induce a blockade against the country so that it does not pay its debts or imports, in order to drown it economically and promote a chaoticization of its internal finances, which ends up in a social situation so complicated that it allows them to sell an intervention or an immediate change of regime.

Every day this reality is disguised with the mantra of the humanitarian crisis by all the means that form the propaganda apparatus of Spain.

So it is not difficult to abandon the conspiracy explanations to simplify the reasons why a large number of Chavistas opined about Catalonia. In a country like Venezuela, where politicized citizens are concerned about every conflict in every corner of the world.

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As much as none of the studies cited by El País, nor NATO, explain anything of what it says. If it serves as an example take into account the context of what happened.

The reality is that neither Maduro armed an army of bots in Miraflores, nor Mario Silva called Larissa Costas to agree with Carola Chávez in his tweets, nor Inna Afinogenova of RT Skype communicated with them to refine a sophisticated anti-Spain campaign. But a stream of spontaneous opinion, scandalized by the blows of Rajoy’s police to the elderly in Catalonia, served on a scathing basis, supported by photos and videos, against the remnants of the Franco regime that governs Spain today.

In context, it is worth remembering for the unprepared that a few months before the repressed referendum in Catalonia there had been an opposition plebiscite in Venezuela, not contemplated in the Bolivarian Constitution. Paradoxically, one of the questions in this consultation was aimed at validating a parallel government over the official in the country, however, the security forces of the questioned authorities gave protection to those who participated with the existence of a small incident, immediately revealed by Justice.

A few days later, Rajoy himself, who had criticized Maduro for allegedly failing to protect the plebiscite, used the sticks of his police and the arrests of justice to criminalize the birth of a new nation in his country, which contravened the Spanish Constitution , according to his own words.

Invent conspiracy theories to divert attention

It is customary that in Spain crazy stories are invented from Venezuela when you need to demonize anyone who goes against the status quo of corruption of the Popular Party (PP). There is unemployment, Venezuela, there is corruption, Venezuela, there are elections, Venezuela, there is a protest in the street, Venezuela. A wild card used at will every time there is a problem that puts at stake the credibility of the Spanish government system.

Venezuela, a country that produces politics for good or for bad, has become the Spanish kingdom in the daily talk of employees and unemployed. It does not matter if Rajoy and the PP stole the entire GDP from the state coffers, if before there is no talk of how bad the Bolivarian Republic is. After all, the Spaniards do not seem to have a political life of their own that does not escape from the closed picture set between Maduro, Chávez and Jordi Évole, faithful frivolous and superficial reflection of the point of view of the average citizen bombarded by the news about the country.

On this surface, the government of Spain uses the new Russian-Venezuelan plot to give a rationale to the use of all its security apparatus against Catalan citizens, disgusted by the political and criminal behavior against them. Meanwhile, NATO reuses the conspiracy in its own way for the best it can do in this context: sell the Russian threat to supply arms to all Europe in the face of Vladimir Putin’s “dangerous” interventionist influence.

However, all this bad story, in fact, hides the enormous discursive weakness, rhetoric and argument of politics in the civilized world of the “first world”, arrogant and believed to be the vanguard of humanity. Where each time they reverse matrices of opinion, such as those that propagate against the Bolivarian Republic, they adduce crazy theories of conspiracy provided with film imaginaries about espionage and science fiction books.

Without noticing that they put themselves to intervene Venezuela in Spanish politics on the same day they made it a matter of national interest, above, even, their own unemployed and evicted citizens. As if the Venezuelan reality served them to make their people not even observe the misery generated by those who vote, election after election, to avoid one day being like Venezuela.

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