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November 9 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
by Inessa Sinchougova 

On November 7th, President Donald Trump addressed the South Korean parliament on the issues that the region, and the US face when it comes to the leadership of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Statements were highly evocative and at times, hypocritical, which prompted Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, to issue his statement on the sidelines of the 2017 APEC Summit; “The exchange of threats, or insults – which has happened on both sides – is not going to bring about a result.” – he said.

Trump’s words carry on from his earlier sentiment, expressed at the UN General Assembly in September. The speech was called ‘remarkable’ by Minister Lavrov, albeit his sarcasm can be difficult to detect. Lavrov also stated that the address, in which Trump called Kim Jong -un – “a rocket man” – was “probably aimed more at the internal, US audience” as opposed to the international community. Indeed, tactlessness on the international arena left many viewers aghast at the provocative treatment of North Korea. 

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However, no party is defending the actions of Kim Jong-un and his desire to modernise the country’s nuclear potential, combined with forward threats. At the Eastern Economic Forum, President Putin called out DPRK’s actions as outright provocation. Yet, in a clear example of professionalism, Putin presented the situation from the perspective of North Korea. “They know full well how the situation unfolded in Iraq, under the pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction” – he stated. This is on top of the fact that the DPRK has previously in history been attacked by the United States, and not the other way around. “North Korea sees nuclear weapons as its only option for self-defence…. They’re not stupid people, trust me.” – Putin explained. 

The approach that should be taken is in fact gradual integration of North Korea into regional projects and mutually beneficial relationships, whereby the weaker side can obtain a sense of security. Today, the DPRK is peacocking with nuclear weapons that haven’t been confirmed to exist – such as the hydrogen bomb, and is expecting a reaction; – “So why then are you playing along?” – Putin asked.   

Inessa Sinchougova is an Editor and Journalist at Fort Russ News, as well as a research fellow and translator of the Belgrade based think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies. She was educated at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), in the field of Political Science and was previously employed in Marketing and Communications Strategy for a Multi-National Corporation. She runs a popular YouTube channel for translations of key Russian Foreign Policy figures and appears regularly on other alternative media channels.  

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