WATCH: Yemeni resistance group warns travelers to not use Saudi, Emirati airports

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November 8, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

SANA’A, Yemen – A spokesperson for a Houthi-aligned resistance group warned travelers to stay away from Saudi and Emirati airports, during a televised statement from Yemen’s capital of Sana’a on Monday.

Colonel Aziz Rashed, Assistant Spokesperson for the Ansar Allah-allied Yemeni Armed Forces, said: “We call upon all travelers and airline companies to vacate the Saudi and Emirati airports, as they are considered legitimate military targets for our missiles.” 

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“We will not be taking any responsibility after this warning,” he continued.

Commenting on the Saudi-led coalition bombing campaign over Yemen, Rashed added: “The continuing aggression is making us look for strong methods and various options to respond to this aggression.”

Saudi Arabia since March 2015 has engaged in an indiscriminate bombing campaign against the Yemeni resistance group, killing almost 13,000 people and destroying vital infrastructure. 

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