White House says Russia has role to play in North Korea dilemma


November 6, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

Washington D.C., United States – A spokesperson for the White House told reporters on Sunday that Russia has a role to play in finding a solution to the North Korean missile and nuclear weapons program that concerns Washington and its allies.

“Russia borders North Korea,” he said. “They are also very concerned, I think, with the direction that North Korea is leading the region toward into this crisis. And, naturally, Russia should have a role in that future.”

“Russia has obligations as a U.N. member to upholding U.N. Security Council resolutions, all of them going back and, of course, to include the two significant increases in sanctions that were passed in 15-0 votes by the U.N. Security Council resolution earlier this year,” he said commenting at the reporters’ request on US President Donald Trump’s words.·

Hostilities on the Korean peninsula have intensified as North Korea continues with its missile program and the United States continues with aggressive rhetoric and military drills along the border region between South and North Korea.

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