Why is Ukraine switching to NATO-caliber artillery shells? They’ve used up their Soviet-era stock on Donbass


November 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Rusvesna.su, translated by Tom Winter –

Semyon Pegov, on right, with Bashar Al-Assad’s brother Ammar

Donetsk. Just lately in Ukraine, the commander of the Missile Forces and Artillery of the APU, General Gorbylev, made a statement that the country will now purchase Krab artillery shells from Poland.

The fact that Kiev is concerned about the transition to a new caliber two years after the conclusion of the Minsk agreements once again shows the nature of Ukraine’s desire to observe a fragile truce in the Donbass. NATO countries do not advertise the fact of deliveries of lethal weapons to Kiev, as this precedent could be used as a direct push on Russia.

Such information is reported by the creator of the Wargonzo project, the well-known military correspondent Semyon Pegov.

Semyon Pegov draws attention to the fact that the general’s statement went unnoticed somehow.

“Few people noticed that Gorbylev added: “Ukrainian artillery is gradually planning to switch to 155 mm shells, the caliber used in NATO countries.”

He notes that in fact, it’s not so scary, as so far the APU has been shooting from a self-propelled gun with a caliber of 152 mm. Now the caliber of new shells will be only 3 mm wider. However, the famous military commissar is sure that it is in these three millimeters that the most interesting thing is hidden:

“Why did it become necessary to abandon the standards inherited from the USSR? I have one answer: if at the beginning of hostilities in the Donbass, Kiev’s arsenals were packed with this very Soviet legacy, then after three years of armed confrontation they have been emptied, and for Ukraine there is nothing left to shoot.”

It turns out that the fact that Kiev is concerned about the transition to a new caliber two years after the Minsk agreements once again proves with what zeal the Ukrainian side has kept this same Minsk all this time.

“We are so zealous that we’ve shot all our post-Soviet reserves, apparently defending ourselves, if you do not know – these Donbass separers are always attacking,” Pegov comments.

To switch to a new NATO caliber, it is necessary not only to re-gun the entire army, but also to take the shells themselves. Even if we admit the fact that in Ukraine there was an opportunity to produce an old-style arsenal, then reorienting production to a different diameter is a huge financial cost, which requires huge economic capabilities that Kiev does not have.

“Despite the fact that no one in NATO now will accept Ukraine, this does not mean that the Kiev authorities could not agree on large-scale deliveries of NATO weapons. And, apparently, on a humanitarian basis,” Semyon Pegov believes.

So all the same, is it worth it for Russia and LDNR to be afraid of Ukraine’s new armament? Semyon Pegov gives a clear answer:

“I think there’s nothing to be afraid of. The shell is thicker by three millimeters. Neither will it frighten anybody in the trenches in the front lines, nor the Donbass civilians, who have already endured such things from the APU – since the “Smerchs” and “tochka missiles” have been falling on them.

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