Americans deliver stinky, substandard coal to the Ukraine


December 8, 2017 – FRN – 

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SVPressa – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

American coal purchased by Ukraine turned out to be substandard and not environmentally friendly. Such a statement was made by Andrei Gerus, a former member of the National Commission for Energy Regulation and Utilities of Ukraine .

According to Gerus, coal imported from the United States contains 3.3% of sulfur, which is 3.5 times more than normal. This makes its use harmful to the environment. In almost all EU countries the use of such raw materials is prohibited. The sulfur content in the Ukrainian coal is up to 2%, and according to local norms of power plants, coal with a sulfur content of more than 1.7% should not be burned.

Gerus added that the first supplies of American coal were delivered to Ladyzhinskaya and Zaporizhzhya power plants. “With the intensive emissions of sulfurous anhydride, which when converted from water turns into sulfuric acid with a huge level of toxic effects. Acid drops are capable of overcoming long distances and falling out in the form of acid rain. Smog is also caused by sulfur dioxide, “- said the expert.

It explains the purchase of this coal however – at the conclusion of the contract guided only by the price, low-quality raw materials turned out to be the cheapest. At the same time, the word “cheap” is not easily quoted, since American coal still costs much more than raw materials from Donbass, and Russian products. The first batch, which the country received in September cost $ 113 per ton (and some experts do not exclude that this is only the base cost without taking innto account delivery costs). For comparison, Donbass coal is sold for $ 45-50 dollars, and the average price of Russian anthracite, is $ 70-80 dollars.

The contract for the delivery of 700 thousand tons of anthracite from Pennsylvania was concluded in the summer. The first consignment of 85 thousand tons of raw materials arrived in the port of Odessa in September. At the same time it was reported that in 2018 Ukraine could increase purchases of American anthracite to two million tons.

After the blockade of Donbass, Ukraine was forced to significantly increase the import of coal, because half of its TPPs operate on anthracite, and the raw materials were mainly mined in the territory of the unrecognized republics. 

According to Gerus, American coal is most harmful. The expert even assumes that Ukraine buys it at a discount price, but it only represents how expensive American coal is. 

At the same time, Russia remains the main supplier, despite all the loud statements from Kiev. Russia accounts for 55.7% of all deliveries and 1.2 billion dollars in payments. The USA ranked second with 25.4% and 546.8 million dollars, the third with Australia at 5.4% and 116.4 million dollars. Among other countries, including South Africa, Ukraine imported coal for 8 million dollars.

It is necessary to understand when prices for energy are high, the government shifts those costs to the population, constantly raising utilities costs. That is, the Ukrainians themselves have to pay for non-ecological and poor-quality coal – when their own industry in the Donbass is much more suitable and affordable.

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