Anna Tuv’s war continues. Her bullets: the truth about Donbass


December 3, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Alexey Toporov in Tsargradtv, translated by Tom Winter –

The Voice of Victims of the War in Donbass heard and Not Heard at the UN 

[Original Tsargrad headline]

The Ukrainian shells injured her, killed her family, and destroyed her house, but she did not break, and she carries the truth about the war on the eastern outskirts of Novorossia to the whole world.

In the middle of November, a beautiful and elegant young woman made a presentation at the Geneva Palace of Nations in a session of the UN Human Rights Council. That meeting was devoted to the situation in the Donbass, because she spoke about Ukraine, and about the Donbass, and her own Gorlovka. How it became a mass grave for many, who were really close to her.

The terrible truth

“We were at home, watering the garden, it was the daughter’s last day of school before the summer vacation, my two-year-old son was playing in the yard, my newborn daughter was sleeping in the house,” the woman said. “We saw a drone flying low over us, but did not think anything about it. Later, we heard strong blasts and whistles, shells fell right beside us, we managed to just run into the house, and at that moment a Ukrainian shell fell right into the hallway where we were, and the husband managed to run up to me and open the front door, I was thrown out into the street by the force of the explosion. I lost consciousness, but came to hearing my son screaming under the rubble. The gas pipe was broken and the gas went right in my face I could not get up and a neighbor got me out of the wreckage. I ran into the house to dig my son out. Only later, when I got him, and we hid behind the refrigerator, I saw that my left arm was torn off, and then a second shell hit my house. “The ambulance could not come because of the shelling.” Later the rescuers found my Katya in the corridor torn into two parts, my husband lay next to her, or more precisely, parts of his body. The newborn daughter received shrapnel wounds, the son became disabled, the house is not restorable, my husband and daughter were killed, and I – with one arm. “

Anna’s family before the war. Photo courtesy Anna Tuv

Only after these words did those present at the event begin to notice that one of the woman’s arms is lifeless, and the prosthetic has an entirely natural smooth matte color. And the speaker continued:

“In the autumn, the Juridical Council in Donetsk sent materials of the case and my testimony on the video together with lawyer Damien Veghier to the Strasburg Court. Two years went by. Last year I duplicated the claim in Moscow..There are hundreds of claims and appeals. There is no word of sympathy, no help from the government of Ukraine, no compensation. A prosthesis was put by the citizens of Italy, the Association for the Salvation of Children. At the moment, in the Donetsk region alone, more than 80 children have been killed, over three thousand have becme disabled. A neighbor’s three children were killed in one strike”…

After the speech of Anna Tuv – that’s the name of this woman – the hall was silent for the first time during the meeting, no one asked her any questions, no one tried to argue.

Western functionaries selected from politics, science, and media first saw before eyes a living embodiment of the war that their leaders and the regime in Kiev, which they patronize, unleashed. A crippled, but a living and beautiful embodiment. With whom you will not discuss the “Russian aggression” and who does not look like the Minsk agreements or the Minsk format, because for those who look into the pain and despair, the eyes will be inexpressibly ashamed.

And the UN said nothing. Although it was not always so.

Anna did not at first to speak of her pain in the tribunals of the European capitals, first she was treated, and after recovering from the shock, she began to visit Europe in order to open the eyes of the Old World to what is happening in her native Donbass. Italy, San Marino, Germany: pickets, rallies, conferences, round tables, photos showing the loved ones still alive, as well as a photo of what remains of her cozy family nest. 

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And the shocking truth was not met with silence everywhere, the French made interviews with her, talking about this tragic story in TV reports, the Italians held rallies, demanding to bring Poroshenko to justice and to recognize Ukrainian nazbats as terrorist organizations, the leaders of the leading factions of San Marino offered help, German parliamentarians promised to convey her terrible truth to the German public. 

Through the efforts of a fragile woman, a reinforced concrete information blockade around everything that is happening now in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions was cracked open.

Anna’s house in Gorlovka after the shelling. Photo courtesy Anna Tuv

“My goal is to convey the truth, and thus try to protect the people who stay there in the Donbass, under the shelling,” Anna Tuv said to the observer of Tsargrad. “For example, my friends who live in the “red zones” (territory directly adjacent to where they are fighting – author’s note) — they write to me literally every day, sometimes every two or three hours, they tell me that they are bombed and they are very afraid … Just when I went to the UN, my dad came, told about the situation in Gorlovka, before he left there was shelling, that killed the father of three children. On average two homes get destroyed by shelling every week.”

Anna herself is not going to return to Gorlovka after the death of her husband, and daughter and the destruction. She lives with a disabled five-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter in the Moscow region, and works at the International Charity Fund, which helps children with disabilities, responsible for public relations work. And she also assists in a number of social movements of Novorossia. All in order to tell the truth about the bloody lawlessness that the Kiev regime has set up in her small homeland. However, she has to admit that every time she, as a citizen of Ukraine, goes abroad it is getting more and more difficult.

Russian woman between two fragments

“The Ukrainian consulate understands perfectly well that I’m not going to sunbathe in Europe, they try not to let in a cannon shot,” says Tuv, “and each time I have to solve this problem. 

“I, of course, turned in paperwork for Russian citizenship, but they returned it. Now I have to prove that my roots are from here, so I need to go to the Kursk region, to search for evidence that my grandparents were registered there, but my grandmother has been dead for ten years, and my mother does not remember where she was registered, since her parents took her to the Donbass when she was a child.”

And in this, the fate of Anna, is similar to the fate of many Russians, whom the evil Leninist policy* of splitting the single power into national pseudo-states stranded in the territory now called the state Ukraine. And for another state, the largest fragment of this power – the state of the Russian Federation, this Russian woman is formally a foreigner. The Pole from the USA is not a stranger to Poland. As well as a Jew from Italy – for Israel. But the Russians who are fighting for their own Russian identity and the ideals of the Russian World of Donbass are alien to the state of the Russian Federation. The poison of the Bolshevik policy of the past continues to poison our future.

Anna after moving to Russia. Photo courtesy Anna Tuv.

“I and other people of Donbass certainly hope to become part of Russia,” the heroine of this story shares her dreams that is not hers only. “While we were living there, we constantly thought about it, believed in it, and woke up daily with the thought that this was indeed the last day of the war, could not even imagine how long this massacre would last.” It did not fit in our head that all this was serious and for a long time.”

The first persons of our state like to visit churches, to pose with the hierarchy, to apply to icons. But I really want their actions in this case to differ from the memorized ritual movements, and together with faith, if it is really there, as well as to the apostles at the behest of the Lord, that they came to understand the meaning of the phrase: “I want mercy, not sacrifice.” It is wrong to sacrifice an entire nation, especially the people that created the power, whose name is now used by our powerful people, and whose name explains their own right to power. Just as you can not and make soul-less people out of hostages, inherited from the godless era of the laws. For it was said by the apostle to all the faithful: “Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance! There are no Laws above that!”

In any case, Anna will not surrender. A person who has experienced what she experienced, and is not bent after this, is not going to break. Just as Donbass will not break, Donbass which is now struggling for all of us, even if some of us stubbornly does not notice it, or because of some shortcoming is incapable of understanding.


* Two notes here: 1. As President Putin has noted, the arbitrary breakup of the Soviet Union made 22 million Russian foreigners. A tragedy. 2. “Tsargrad” means Constantinople, the heart of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Tsargrad TV is Russian Orthodox TV.

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