Authorities reprimanded for child’s misinformed, anti-Soviet speech in the Bundestag


December 27, 2017 – FRN – 

Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

After the investigation related to the resonant performance of the student from Novy Urengoy in the Bundestag, who spoke about the soldiers of the Wehrmacht in WWII, four employees of the city administration have been reprimanded, as well as the director of the school, and the deputy director.

“From the deputies of the head of the administration (Novy Urengoy), the reprimand was announced to the deputy, who oversees social policy, the deputy head of internal policy, and the chief and deputy head of the information and analytical department.”

The trip to Germany was organized in violation of the order of interaction with the municipality, the management of the gymnasium did not notify the regional authorities about the purposes of the trip.

A reminder that on November 19, German and Russian schoolchildren participated in a commemorative meeting in the Bundestag, dedicated to the deceased Soviet and German servicemen during the Second World War. In his speech, a schoolboy from Novy Urengoy spoke about the life of a German soldier, Georg Johan Rau, who was taken into Soviet captivity near Stalingrad and “died of harsh conditions.” According to the teenager, he visited the graves of Wehrmacht soldiers near Kopeisk in the Chelyabinsk region, where he “saw innocent dead people, many of whom wanted to live peacefully and did not want to fight.”

This speech was the subject of heated debate in Russian society. According to the child himself, only a part of his speech was published on the Web, and the most important was edited out. 

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