Ban on Russia in the Olympics – a boon for Russian nationalism and a Pyrrhic victory for the West


December 5th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

– commentary by Vladimir Golstein –

People always talk about law of unintended consequences.

I am sure that this coming Winter Olympics and the ban of Russian team will demonstrate it for sure.

So the West wanted to punish Putin, having tried a similar stunt four years ago in Sochi. But the trick is, the sports is not just Putin. Regular Russians love to watch it.

Consequently the west basically has shown a middle finger to Russians. What a gift to any Russian nationalist, to Putin and the Russian government. The West is doing their job for them by showing how arrogant, nasty, and imperial it can be.

What a nasty blow to the liberal Russian intelligentsia, that tries to convince people that the West has good intentions, and that people shouldn’t trust the government. I can easily imagine, all these Navalnys, Masha Gessens, Sobchaks and other “liberals” trying to tell Russians — you don’t have to be afraid of the west. It means well. It loves freedom, democracy and human rights.

These Olympics bureaucrats did not punish Putin, Russian sports officials, or athletes. They showed the rest of the world how duplicitous, cynical, and arrogant the Western Countries can be. What a Pyrrhic Victory!

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