BREAKING: Syrian Army continues smashing terrorist forces, liberates ANOTHER town in Idlib


December 30, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

‘ATSHAN, Syria – It has been an extremely busy few days for the Syrian Army as they continue an extremely impressive drive to liberate jihadist-held Idlib province.

Idlib province was completely taken, with the exception of the Shi’ite towns of Fua and Kefraya, in early 2015 after jihadist forces overran the province after mobilizing in Turkey.

2018 seems set to be the year that Al-Qaeda affiliates Al-Nusra Front, the dominate terrorist group in the province, will be defeated in Syria, especially after days ago Russia announced this intention.

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Yesterday the Syrian Army liberated Abu Dali and Hamdaniyah, with full details provided in this report. However, not content with this result, the elite Tiger Forces and the 4th Mechanized Units of the Syrian Army continued its drive and liberated Hamdaniyah train station and Tal Maraq hilltop yesterday. 

Government forces so far today have liberated the town of ‘Atshan, Saloumiyah and its hilltop, and Nadef farms. They are now advancing on Sukayk Hill.

With the liberation of Abu Dali, Hamdaniyah and ‘Atshan, it demonstrates that the Syrian Army are serious about their intentions of liberating Idlib province. The capture of these sites means that the Syrian Army are now in prime position to liberate the entirety of the southeast countryside of Idlib province.

The first phase of the operation, which began only days ago, was to liberate the strategic crossroads town of Abu Dali. With this achieved already, it is assumed that the second phase of the operation will be to liberate the town of Khan Sheikhoun.

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