Case of “migrant children”: humanitarian propaganda and infinite misery – child trafficking from Venezuela to Peru


December 17, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Mision Verdad.

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CARACAS, Venezuela – The operation is directed from Peru by former deputy Oscar Pérez, who was leader of the Alianza Bravo Pueblo party and fugitive from justice in Venezuela since 2010. Pérez created a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Asociación Civil Unión Venezolana in Peru from which he has been actively soliciting a “humanitarian bridge” for Venezuela.

It should be remembered that his “exile” is due to a custodial measure ordered against him for calling a march that ended in aggression against reporters, for which he was accused of incitement to commit a crime, association to commit crimes and terrorism.

In 2009 he formally requested territorial asylum before the Foreign Ministry of Peru, claiming to be a “political persecutor” of the government of President Hugo Chávez and representatives of the rest of the Public Powers of Venezuela, mentioning in a very particular way the then attorney general Luisa Ortega Díaz.

Irregularities of the transfer and the children as objective

The plan directed by Oscar Pérez consists of mobilizing nearly 400 Venezuelan children to “reencounter” with their parents in Peru, in a first stage they seek to transfer 250 children to this country until they are 17 years old.

The operation also involved some of their relatives, Marta Molina, Georgina Pérez and Osmary Pérez, his wife and daughters, who were temporarily detained this Friday night at the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía in the state of Vargas. They would travel with the 130 children along with three coordinators of the NGO, in a charter flight that would have cost about 70 thousand dollars, amount paid by entrepreneurs through the foundation.

The children were left in the care of these people in the well-known Hotel Coliseo in the city of Caracas, which was not a problem for the media that covered the events but the action of the State in the face of unusual activity.

In his statements, Perez said that all children have travel permits and alluded to torture, psychological terrorism and all the language that merits a media montage. In fact, the children did not have the required permits to make the trip, so their irregularity itself cleared the good intentions that the media tried to catapult.

The media has acted in a cartelized way to sensitize public opinion regarding the transfer of children and the “reunion with their parents”, trying to mitigate the irregularities found and concealing that children would travel alone after being sheltered by strangers to his parents in a hotel in Caracas, putting their safety and physical integrity at risk, both in Venezuela and upon arrival in Peru.

Earlier and earlier, they assumed the departure of children from the country, a fact that should not go unnoticed especially if it is that the event is world news. We are facing an operation with propaganda purposes of great significance, which sought to narrate the “exile of children” as part of the “humanitarian crisis” and gain ground in public opinion before the expected action of the Venezuelan immigration authority.

Regarding the case, Attorney General Tarek William Saab confirmed that the children would move on a charter flight, also about the serious irregularities of the transfer: false permits and authorizations issued by an unrealistic protection council, several of them without the consent of their parents and documentation fraud, which could possibly point to an unprecedented case of trafficking in minors in Venezuela. The NGO and its representatives in the country will be investigated.

Beyond the case itself, it is necessary to see the whole picture, the set of operations and pressures that occur behind the scenes and how it is located within the current context: the activities of Oscar Pérez and his franchise “Una Luz de Esperanza” are part of an intervention agenda where the term “humanitarian” hides its true implications.

Precisely this is orchestrated when antichavism fails to recover from the electoral defeat of December 10 and has sat down to dialogue with the Government in the Dominican Republic, generating a strong rejection in its ranks.

There is a collapse in their agenda that deserves a shock event to recover the offensive, at least on the media grid, regardless of whether children must be used for miserable purposes.

This happens a few days after the approval of a “Humanitarian Assistance Law” in the Lower House of the United States Congress as a mechanism to pressure the Venezuelan Government to accept military intervention under the excuse of a socioeconomic crisis that has been induced driven by the US government and antichavism.

With this operation, this pressure would pass from the strictly political to the psychological and media level through the generation of discomfort, uncertainty and shock. It also seems to indicate that it is a psychological operation of softening of the Venezuelan middle class, which has become sensitive to the issue of migration because the process of economic blockade leads to uncertainty and insecurity, seeking to motivate it to resort to illegal mechanisms to Take your children out of the country.

This type of psychological operation in which children are included is already a line of propaganda used by the global mediocracy, as we have outlined from Misión Verdad, not only against Venezuela but in different war scenarios such as Syria.

In the guarimbas of this 2017 children were used in the vanguard of confrontation against the security bodies as “human shields”, in addition to the media deployment, the plan executed by the opposition leadership constituted repeated violations to article 32 of the Organic Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (Lopnna), which insists on “the physical, psychological and moral integrity” of infants in Venezuela.

An example: last year 2016, the NGO Fe y Alegría, an institution linked to the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, made a press announcement to CNN, Radio Caracol and Reuters, among other media aligned against Venezuela, to disseminate alleged drawings of children where they showed a food deficit, to the point that they published a picture of a malnourished girl in Colombia and presented it as if it were from Venezuela.

In these last two years, anti-Chavism has tried to simulate theft of children, deaths in public hospitals due to malnutrition or different types of diseases, as part of its media agenda to gain empathy in public opinion and in turn stimulate an intervention for “humanitarian” reasons “

The file of the “failed state” in Venezuela not only has the integrity of children as victims of the first order, but its construction has been taking place for several years.

Thus, once again, the role of NGOs in the interventionist agenda that is being developed in Venezuela is revealed. In the absence of operational political parties that mobilize citizens, these groups assume the vanguard in covert actions in which they are an instrument to soften the population in the face of an intensification of the pressures that the Trump Administration already exercises on it, as it is extorted to the Government (in the middle of the Dialogue Table) with accepting “humanitarian aid” or being the victim of a fiercest financial blockade.

Needless to say, behind every “humanitarian intervention” there are businesses that do not take into account the lives that impact but focus on the trafficking of people and stories as merchandise, in this case the media role of Peru stands out as “humanitarian port and refugees “, in the absence of the promised” humanitarian channel “. The government (in trouble) of Kuczynski has been the only one of the Lima Group that has relaxed its migration policy with the Venezuelan “diaspora”, while others such as Panama or Chile have begun to restrict the entry of Venezuelans.

Similar to Operation Peter Pan against Cuba: loss of prestige, uncertainty and commotion

The propaganda device that this time detonates antichavism recalls Operation Pedro / Peter Pan, which was one of the largest child exoduses recorded in modern history, with which more than 14 thousand Cuban children emigrated to the United States between the 26th December 1960 and October 22, 1962 (some suggest that it continued to function much later), with the prior collaboration of the Cuban and American churches (mainly the Catholic, but also the Jewish and the Protestant churches), the State Department and the CIA, in addition to counterrevolutionary networks active on the island.

Just over half of these children were taken in for weeks, months and even years in juvenile camps, adoption homes, orphanages and even criminal or mental health centers for minors scattered in more than thirty states of the Union. Most managed to reunite with their relatives sooner or later, although certainly not all succeeded. Others suffered traumatic experiences, ranging from the separation of parents to solitary cohabitation in an unknown environment and culture, including, also in more specific cases, stories of physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

This is to discredit the image of Venezuela abroad, which makes progress in dialogue with the opposition and face the economic war protecting the population, for this alter the emotional fibers of the population in order to stimulate anxiety, bewilderment and rejection.

It is worth wondering which financing schemes and control of human lives are behind the “humanitarian exile” that energize people like Oscar Pérez and what economic interests are behind the “humanitarian channel” that they wish to create. Beyond their private and domestic interests, there is a political scaffolding seeking to generate the conditions to appropriate sovereignty through a combination of economic strangulation and propaganda.

For this and with a good part of the political resources, international pressure and propaganda partially exhausted, they go to the children to oxygenate their agenda.

According to information provided by Attorney General Tarek William Saab, the children were handed over to their respective families in the face of documentation fraud and possible crimes committed by the Oscar Pérez NGO against them.

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