Chavez’s legacy in Venezuela and “fake news”


December 28, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Investig’Action.

CARACAS, Venezuela – Welcome to the new era of (fake) information, also called “post-truth”. This is characterized, in the first place, by the existence of facts “tested and certified” by the filters of the media; and second, by the wild spread of “false information” whose source would not be reliable. It is no longer necessary, then, to check the origin of the sources, interpret the facts or verify their veracity. For what? If everyone trusts the “quality certificate” of French billionaires Bouygues, Bolloré and others … is not it?

In fact, we have to be understanding. The owners of these media – which in some cases, such as Lagardère or Dassault, are also arms merchants – are worried about their loss of influence. They realized that the public no longer believes most of their propaganda … and of course, it’s a huge problem! Capitalism needs the war industry as human beings oxygen to breathe. This new era, is it the death of journalism? Not so fast! The only battles we are sure to lose are those we do not undertake.

Surely, the last two years you will have heard about an economic crisis, including a “failed state” about Venezuela. But without a doubt what the media has not explained to you is the creation of 1.5 million social housing units within the framework of the Housing Mission. Not even the reception of 6 million Colombians who have fled the conflict in the neighboring country and who are perfectly integrated through social assistance programs.

Well, the facts are stubborn: the development of a social protection system, including the right to housing, education, health, etc … is a hidden truth that demonstrates the hypocrisy of the dominant discourse in Europe, by affirming that there is no political alternative to neoliberalism. A supposed European Union (EU) that, on the other hand, by systematically attacking social policies, is increasingly xenophobic.

The social action of the Bolivarian Revolution is not good news for everyone

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So there is not only crisis in Venezuela. There is also a policy based on sovereignty and human rights. In contrast, in other European countries such as Greece and Spain, the responses to the economic crisis were limited to cuts and rescue … banks. Without opposing the least resistance, the government of Mariano Rajoy has given the green light, according to estimates, to between 250 thousand and 400 thousand evictions of families from their homes.

In addition, the Spanish state’s commitment to the EU to house 17,337 refugees turned out to be a joke in bad taste. In fact, it has only received 979 refugees, which has led to the rejection of large sectors of society. On February 18, the city of Barcelona manifested massively in the streets with the motto “my house is your home”.

Of course, the social action of the Bolivarian Revolution is not good news for everyone. For some, talking about 21st century socialism is still a sin and a blasphemy. The United States has tried everything to destroy the processes of too independent countries like Venezuela, Cuba and Ecuador. With direct or indirect methods, Uncle Sam never stopped feeding the counterrevolutions.

After the ratification of Obama’s decree, the Trump Administration is once again charged with a smear campaign against Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami. The media lies fabricated in the USA dare everything. In fact, El Aissami had made itself known precisely for having carried out successful operations against drug trafficking, after Caracas stopped cooperation with the DEA. Since then, the United Nations has repeatedly praised the fight against drug trafficking in Venezuela.

The people must be able to build their future. A better world in which hatred and exclusion do not take place, since these values ​​are incompatible with progress and emancipation. Only fraternity and international solidarity are the basis of a human society worthy of that name. Another world in which the right to plural information is guaranteed.

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