Chechnya’s leader says all preparations are made to destroy terrorists who want to make attacks in Russia


December 24, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

GROZNY, Russia – The Chechen Republic’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov told the Itogi Nedeli weekly news roundup on Russia’s NTV television channel that Chechnya’s security forces have made preparations to foil terrorist attacks.

“We know now, we have information on several shaytans (devils), they have been sent to carry out terror attacks in the Chechen Republic,” the leader revealed. 

“They have reached Georgia now. We are waiting for them and as soon as they cross the border we will immediately catch them or destroy them,” Kadyrov said.

“We are fully controlling all channels, all entries and exits, and that’s why if they get here they will indeed carry out a crime, a terror attack. That’s why we should know beforehand where they are and what they are doing,” he said.

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