Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk: Four simple Questions.


December 13, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Some essential “talking points” from the FRN editorial board

The caption dates from 2013.

Sometimes seemingly complex geopolitical matters are not so complex. When we cut to the chase, the veil is lifted. We’ve reduced them to …

Four Simple Questions

1. Why does the US now have a Black Sea naval base?

Too obvious: The US wanted one there, to mess with Russia.

2. Why did Ukraine grant the US a Black Sea naval base at Ochakiv?

Ukraine is governed out of the US Embassy. A consolation prize for having Crimea snatched away from their puppet.

3. Why did three regions of Ukraine have plebiscites that overwhelmingly rejected the Kiev regime and ask Russia to take them in?

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This could be a book, and is less subject to snap answers like the other questions. In brief: The inhabitants are Russian rather than Polish or Ukrainian. Russian people could not stand to stay with the neonazi regime installed by the US Embassy. The coup in 2014 subverted the results of the previous actual election in Ukraine. The coup junta immediately engaged in mass arrests and the banning of political parties and figures. Then a new election was called based on the ‘cleansed’ facts on the ground. The installed regime did not only signal that it was anti-Russian, but overtly, and in every major statement, said it was anti-Russian. This government said that the ethnic Russians of Ukraine were, by virtue of their ethnicity, to be marginalized and ethnically cleansed. This represents a violation of every major historical lesson since WWII, numerous conventions, and the UN charter. 

4. Of the three regions that voted to be Russian, why did Russia accept Crimea?

So Ukraine could not give the Russian base there to the US, like it eventually gave them the Ochakiv base. The American Navy’s Ochakiv base reveals what the US plan was all along.

Wrapping up 
When Russia responds as any country exercising its rights to self-determination would – it’s “Russian aggression.” 

The coup of 2014 set a trap: Provoke Russia, and then call the reaction a provocation – gaslighting in effect. Russian Crimea is presented to the western world as a land grab, an invasion, an excuse to present Russia as a pariah. 

If there is to be any chance at a restoration of even formal, ‘bourgeois’ democracy to Ukraine – the Russian inhabitants of Novorossiya will play an integral part in making sure a saner government is justly elected. A chance that has been diminished with every rocket, missile, or grenade falling on the Donbass.

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