Crimean response to Ukrainian talk of a Crimean return to Ukraine


December 19, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

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“the budget of the Republic of Crimea is twice the budget of Ukrainian times”

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In Crimea, they respond to the statement of the Ukrainian deputy minister about the return of the peninsula.

Deputy of the State Council of Crimea Vladislav Ganjara in a conversation with RT commented on the statement of Yuri Grymchak (Ukrainian deputy minister on “temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons”) that pressure and sanctions against Russia should lead to the return of Crimea to Ukraine.

“No external pressure, no economic sanctions can influence neither the choice of the Crimeans in 2014, nor the politics and public opinion in our country. 

“Today, Ukraine is choking in anti-Russian hysteria. They are making many empty statements related, for example, to our Crimean bridge.

“An array of Ukrainian figures are creating the appearance of work that they allegedly are carrying out against the republic, but in fact, what kind of budgets they are soaking up under the cover of the Crimean question is a serious issue for the Ukrainian people,” Ganjara said.

According to him, Crimea is already an economically successful region, and it will only develop further.

“Even today the budget of the Republic of Crimea is twice the budget of Ukrainian times. When the Crimean bridge appears – stage one – Crimea in the area of social and economic development will, of course, probably become not a donor region, but a self-sufficient subject of Russia, which will have something to offer to the economy of our country. We calmly react to such statements. They do not influence the situation on the peninsula in any way,” Ganjara concluded.

As previously reported by the “Russian Spring”, Yuri Grymchak, the Ukrainian deputy minister “for temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons,” said that the pressure and sanctions against Russia will lead to the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine.

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