Democracy and freedom: Citizens of six countries have been banned from entry to the US


December 5 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

The US has imposed a ban on the residents of six countries (predominantly Muslim) into the country – Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Chad. Permission to apply the ban issued by the Trump administration was approved by an American court.

The policy is based on the priorities of foreign policy and national security, and not on religious beliefs, the presidential administration notes.

Immediately after assuming office, Donald Trump signed a decree on a 90-day ban on entering the United States for the citizens of Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan. Later, Iraq was excluded from this list. A number of federal courts blocked Trump’s initiative, but then the Supreme Court partially restored the decree.

In autumn, Trump issued a new decree, where the DPRK,  Venezuela and Chad were also included, but Sudan was excluded. The day before its entry into force, the document was blocked by the federal court of Honolulu.

On November 13, the Appeals Court of the ninth US District in San Francisco authorized the partial entry into force of this decree. Citizens of Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Chad cannot enter the country. The ban does not apply to citizens of the DPRK and Venezuela.

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