FAKE NEWS surrounding the Iran Protests


December 31, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

TEHRAN, Iran – With protests spreading throughout Iran, the United States and its imperialist shrills have found this the perfect opportunity to spread fake news and create a narrative for intervention.

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If you are confused about events in Iran, this comprehensive analysis by Fort Russ’ very own Joaquin Flores is a MUST. It can be read here.

For example, this Tweet by Ken Roth, the Executive Director for Humans Right Watch.

Roth makes the claim that the protests are calling for the country’s leaderships resignation, but rather they began as calls for reformations to the economy, not the replacement of the government.

Secondly, Roth then proceeds to use a pro-government counter-protest photo to push his regime-change agenda. Roth foolishly posted a photo that has signs saying “Down with the US” and with photos of the country’s leadership. He still has not realized he has been caught out….

Case Two: John McCain.

Consistent war-hawk and war-monger has also ignored that the protests began as calls for economic reform rather than regime-change. John McCain has consistently called actions against Iran, demonstrating his so-called care for the Iranian people. He also remained quite when US President Donald Trump banned Iranians from coming to the US.

These are just a very few examples of the US State and its shrills attempting to disintegrate calls for economic reforms into a color revolution. However, despite what the mainstream media shows, the truth on the ground is that the overwhelming majority of Iranians support the government and want to avoid a Syria 2011 scenario where legitimate protests were hijacked, with the help from the US, by violent jihadists.

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