Family farming is civilization!


December 25, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated Nova Resistencia

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Family farming, usually organized as smallholdings, accounts for 84% of all Brazilian rural properties, but occupies only 24% of the area devoted to agriculture in our country. It corresponds to 40% of the gross value of production, as well as 77% of the jobs in agriculture. In addition, it is responsible for more than 50% of the products of the Brazilian worker’s basic basket.

However, in addition to the already evident inequality in the concentration of land (the average family size in Brazil is 18.37 hectares, while the latifundium/large land estate is 309.18 hectares), the reality is that the Brazilian family farmer , the main responsible for feeding the Brazilian people, receives only 13% of the resources allocated by the government to the agricultural sector.

The other 87 per cent go to large latifundia, less productive than family farms, which employ fewer people compared to family farms, which are mostly used to produce primary goods for export (as opposed to family farms) that cause more damage to the environment in relation to family properties, and above all, which are owned largely by foreigners or by Brazilian politicians.

We see clearly that this current situation, structurally rooted in Brazilian history, which founds the semi-feudal nature of our society, as well as being extremely unjust, is extremely harmful to us.

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It is not just the question of repartition. It should also be remembered that the overwhelming majority of the latifundia were acquired in an irregular manner by the takeover by force of armed groups hired by oligarchs from lands owned by small farmers who were either killed or expelled from their lands .

The history of the land in Brazil is a story watered by the blood of the Brazilian farmer, who, although practically alone, provides food for the entire country, is always under threat of having his land taken by landlords or banks, of having his health ruined pesticides and to go bankrupt due to lack of credit.

This situation will not be changed by the good will of the Brazilian politicians, because most of them belong to families of oligarchs of the latifundio or are in their pocket. Only the construction of a revolutionary situation can bring justice to the countryside and food in abundance at the table of the Brazilian worker.

All support to family farming and the Brazilian peasant!

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