“Half of Transcarpathia is working in Russia”


December 29, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– NK.org.ua, translated by Tom Winter –

Gennadiy Moskal

The head of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine Gennady Moskal said that half of the region’s population is working in Russia, where Ukrainian workers are valued. His words are given by the UNIAN agency.

“Half of the region is working in Russia, but there are no pro-Russian attitudes, and no one will ever forbid our workers to go to Russia for work, and Russia gladly accepts them, because they have golden hands. The Moscow region is 70% built by the hands of Ukrainians,” the governor said. an interview with the magazine Novoye Vremya.

In addition, Moskal commented on the mood of the region’s population. According to him, if in they held a referendum on accession to the European Union or NATO in Transcarpathia, a 100% turnout would be recorded, and the initiative will be supported by the majority of local residents.

“We unambiguously feel part of the common European space, the borders are only hindering us, and there are no separatist sentiments here – anybody will confirm this,” the head of the region noted.

In the middle of December, Gennady Moskal promised to “fill the face” of Georgy Tuka, Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and internally displaced persons, if he ever again mentions separatism in Transcarpathia. Earlier, deputy minister Tuka declared there was “soft separatism” in the region, given the large number of Hungarian passports and the use of a foreign language during official events.

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