Is the anti-Saudi alliance in Yemen descending into a civil conflict among their own ranks?


December 2, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

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SANA’A, Yemen – In a series of Tweets by Osamah al-Rawhani, Program Director for the Sanaa Center, he has claimed that clashes between the Houthis militias and the pro-President Ali Abdullah Saleh faction who are in alliance with each other against the Saudi-backed rival government based in the port city of Aden have begun battling among each other.

He claimed that residents in the Yemeni capital have reported that the Houthi resistance militia have been clashing with the pro-Saleh faction, for reasons unstated.

A statement by the Saleh faction has called on all their fighters to engage the Houthis in all areas they control.

He then claimed that the famous green flags of the Houthis have been taken down in the city.

The Houthis are a militia from a tribe of the same name that is on the Saudi border in northern Yemen. 

The situation still remains unclear and Fort Russ News will follow developments closely.

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