ISIS leaves mines in schools as they retreat from Syria


December 12, 2017 – FRN – 

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Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Another village, Dalbuz in the province of Homs, has joined the ceasefire initiative in Syria. The Russian military is helping the local authorities organize the return of refugees to their homes. People were given more than three tons of food and medicine.

A week ago, the military transferred power to civilians. And now, the Deir-e-Zor Eastern Territory Management Committee is engaged in clearing roads, receiving and accommodating refugees who return from other regions of Syria, providing medical assistance, and distributing humanitarian aid.

There are still few civilians on the left bank of the Euphrates, the new civilian authorities of the eastern part of Deir-es-Zor province and the Russian military police are providing them with targeted assistance. Joint Russian-Syrian engineering groups are working to restore all roads and obstructions.

“We, the engineers of the Syrian army, together with Russian engineers conduct reconnaissance of the area, we are looking for explosive objects.” The main task is to demine the schools so that the children who returned to the left bank of the Euphrates could immediately return to school, ” commander of the engineering platoon of the Syrian army Mustafa Ayub.

According to the chief of engineering service of the Joint Operational Headquarters “Salhia” Vladimir Krainov, when inspecting a school, homemade explosive devices were found. It is a cannon stuffed with an improvised explosive, 75mm and 120mm artillery shells, closers, electric detonators and batteries. All explosive objects were made by hand.

“We learned from Russian sappers serious work experience, we learned how to correctly detect explosive objects, how to extract them and safely destroy them,” Ayub said.

The territory of the eastern shore of the Euphrates still seems empty – only the fighting has stopped. But after declaring the final victory over ISIS  not only in the Deir-e-Zor province, but throughout the country, people are beginning to leave the refugee camps and return home.

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