Kiev’s reintegration of Donbass bill omits Minsk, envisions martial law, enables further profiteering


December 19, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Dmitry Pavlenko, in, translated by Tom Winter –

The Kiev “war party” is ready to fight to the last Ukrainian:The adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the so-called law on reintegration of Donbass will definitively bury the Minsk agreements.

Kiev.  The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on December 19 begins the last plenary week of theyear. Among the bills to be considered is the so-called law on the reintegration of Donbass, which was introduced by President Petro Poroshenko and adopted on first reading in early October. 

And for more than two months, about 800 amendments were proposed, including odious ones. For example, concerning the issue of the complete breakdown of diplomatic relations with Russia.

How do you say “reintegration of Donbass” in Ukrainian?

Despite the fact that deputies in the Ukrainian parliament are breaking their spears on the adoption of this bill, the bill in itself it does not fundamentally change anything and is more like an imitation of a stormy legislative activity in relation to the Donbass. In this document, which is officially called “On the particulars of the state policy on ensuring Ukraine’s state sovereignty over the temporarily occupied territories in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” it is written that the regions of Donbass that are not controlled by the Kiev regime (and after the first reading, ) are considered “occupied,” and Russia is called an “aggressor country.”

There are no points indicating the need for Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements.
And the bill does not mention the complex of economic, political and humanitarian measures that Ukraine must implement in the process of reintegration of the separated regions.

But the bill does provide for the 

  1. martial law in the territory of the Donbass, 
  2. the creation of a Joint Operational Headquarters, personally controlled by Poroshenko, and also 
  3. prescribes political repression against persons who somehow cooperated with the “occupiers.” 

In fact, if adopted, the main and, in fact, the only consequence will be the abolition of the so-called ATO with the de jure declaration of a full-scale war, which will finally disrupt those weak and fragile nuts and bolts on which the Minsk agreements are based.

Thus, the adoption of the “law on the reintegration of Donbass” will mean only one thing – war. And it is the Ukrainian “War party” that is advocating it more than the others.

“The war party” ignores the opinion of the US and EU
“Now, all delays and lies come exclusively from the regime of Putin and the Russian Federation,” said the leader of the Popular Front, former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in advance, accusing all those who are slowing the adoption of the law of working for Moscow. He also added that “Western partners of Ukraine” are not putting forward any warnings about this law, and “Russia only understands force.”

However, Yatsenyuk’s statement runs counter to the assertions of the People’s Deputy from the same “Popular Front” and, in combination, advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Kiev regime Anton Gerashchenko. Just two weeks ago, he said that the main brake on the adoption of the law “on the reintegration of Donbass” is the EU and the US. According to Gerashchenko,

“the position of the “Western partners” imposes a difficult position and it is up to President Poroshenko, who was undecided, to instruct deputies of his faction to support his own bill or not.”

This situation is not out of the ordinary. In Ukraine, the principal dissynchronization of various authorities has long been noted, but both Gerashchenko and Yatseniuk in fact confirmed that the adoption or non-acceptance of the law depends solely on the position of the West. They do not decide in Kiev whether Ukraine should officially start fighting with Russia or if it is necessary to maintain the status quo.

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It is worth noting that the odious cabinet member Avakov called attention to the warnings from the “Western partners” on the question of rights Thus, the United Nations Monitoring Mission criticized the Ukrainian bill for the lack of clarity in the issue of respect for human rights and freedoms.

“The law on so-called reintegration has nothing to do with the return of territories and with international obligations. This bill is aimed specifically at the electorate, who supports the “war party,”  political scientist Anton Kuchukhidze asserts in an interview to the publication “”

“None of the international partners of Ukraine have advocated the adoption of this bill, but, on the contrary, the West insists on Ukraine’s implementation of its part of the Minsk agreements, and, for example, the law on the prolongation of local self-government in Donetsk and Lugansk regions was positively perceived by Western partners as a mechanism for bringing peace to Ukraine. Moreover, the law on “reintegration” implies the centralization of power in the hands of the president and does not fulfill any foreign policy tasks for Ukraine.”

The adoption of the law will disrupt the exchange of prisoners …

Experts also express fears that, if passed in the second reading of the bill, the positive agreements about the exchange of prisoners will be broken.

In the opinion of Kiev political scientist Petr Oleschuk, the meeting, held earlier, between the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Ukraine, Sergey Lavrov and Pavel Klimkin, which was in fact the consolidation of the earlier consultations between Vladimir Putin and Viktor Medvedchuk, gives a real chance for exchanging prisoners. And in this situation, the adoption of the “law on the reintegration of Donbass” may become a serious hindrance on the implementation of the agreements already reached.

“I do not think that someone in this situation will go on some sharp, ambiguous movements, so that this all gets thrown out,” Oleschuk said.

… and will make it impossible to reintegrate the Donbass

Viktor Medvedchuk, leader of the public movement “Ukrainian choice – the right of the people,” is categorically against the law. According to him, “the law on reintegration puts an end to the process of peaceful settlement and the implementation of the Minsk agreements.” The politician is convinced that the real purpose of the bill is

“Do everything to prevent the Donbass from returning to Ukraine, and Ukraine returning to the Donbass.”

The faction “Opposition block” in the Verkhovna Rada took a similar point of view. Its leader Yuriy Boyko stressed that the law satisfies the ambitions of the “war party,” but has nothing to do with people’s interests and does not contribute to the return of Donbass to Ukraine.

Yulia Timoshenko, Ukraine’s “gas princess,” did not refrain from commenting. True, the leader of the “Fatherland” sees the establishment of peace in the Donbass through the prism of the Orwellian formula, the one which says “war is peace,” but the politician blamed the incumbent authorities for the fact that the consideration of the bill “on the reintegration of Donbass” was actually removed from the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada meeting. 

Tymoshenko believes that the fault is the shadow arrangements that allow Poroshenko and his team to earn money on the continuation of the war.

“So long as there is a large-scale business in smuggling, drug trafficking, so long as people they are profiting from the shadow marketing of coal, we will not expect the end of the war,” Timoshenko said.

Thus, Ukraine once again finds itself in a difficult situation. The so-called patriots growl and grumble, demanding to pass the bill at any cost, and accusing their opponents of working for Russia.

Opponents of the law indicate that its adoption will either permanently disrupt the already shaky process of peaceful settlement and will in fact mean a full-scale war, which, without а green light from “Western partners,” is fraught with serious problems, or will allow Poroshenko to concentrate unlimited power with full control over power structures. And this can also lead to undesirable consequences.

It should be said that the current aggravation of the situation in the Donbass, provoked by the command of the Armed Forces, plays into the hands of the so-called patriots, ready to fight until the last Ukrainian, even in the absence of the command “nod” from the master.

It will be very soon known whether the law be enacted today or tomorrow, or be postponed permanently. “Tsargrad” continues to monitor the development of the situation.

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