Learning from Tolstoy – the false dilemma of US Olympic Corruption


December 6th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

– notes by Vladimir Golstein – 

Helen Kuragin, an utterly immoral, unscrupulous beauty in Tolstoy’s War and Peace, came up with an ingenious scheme to justify her actions.

So she seems to be bored with her husband, Pierre, and is planning to leave him. Divorce is not easy to get, however, but that surely does not stop her. So she allows two different guys to pursue her, and poses to the society the question — which of the two should she choose.

Not –whether it is possible to marry another man while you are already married, but which of the two should she choose. And that worked. Everyone around her is engaged in debating which one is better, ignoring the fact, that she is planning to start some sort of a polygamy.

That strategy of diversion and obfuscation had always served crooks well.

What I hear on mass media is not how legitimate all these idiotic sanctions against Russian Olympians are, but whether they are adequate. Should Russia be penalized more or is it a fair punishment.

In other words, the presumption of guilt is already given. Never mind that it is not based on real tests. Never mind that the info the Olympic Committee goes by was provided by disgruntled and unstable Russian employer. These are irrelevant. The question is: should we punish Russia with one ban or two? With one set of sanctions or two.

Tolstoy obviously could not stand the cynical Helene, and he makes her die in childbirth — and we still don’t know which of the two contenders had knocked her up.

Well, God might be more patient than Tolstoy, but sooner or later the cynical and arrogant bastards who think that they have to right to be a judge, a prosecutor, and an executioner, will have their own day in court.

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