Netanyahu gone completely mad? WATCH him as he compares Iran to Nazi Germany


December 4, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

TEL AVIV, Israel – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made the ludicrous claim that Nazi Germany and the Islamic Republic of Iran share “a ruthless commitment to murder Jews,” during a video statement from Jerusalem released on Sunday.

Obviously, there are some differences between the Nazi Germany and Islamic Republic of Iran,” Benjamin Netanyahu generously allowed, “but both regimes do have two important things in common: one, a ruthless commitment to impose tyranny and terror, and second, a ruthless commitment to murder Jews,” he claimed

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Netanyahu justified his ludicrous comparison because he cannot allow Iran the “luxury of discounting their genocidal threats of the express purpose to eradicate our state.”

Iran is the home to around 30,000 Jews who live without discrimination and despite their small numbers in the 80 million strong Islamic Republic and have a permanent seat in government.

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