Network War: How American statements about “supplying weapons to Kiev” are dragging Moscow into the war.


December 27, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Analysis of Andrey Afanasyev, in TsargradTV, translated by Tom Winter, with translator comment below…

Belfry of bomb-damaged Church

Heritage Foundation’s full-screen headline
Western political scientists and network war experts are not abandoning hope of shifting the conflict in the Donbass from a positional war into a full-fledged confrontation, involving the Russian army

A major American analytical center, the Heritage Foundation has published a report in which it directly speaks about the need to supply lethal weapons to Kiev.

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The people of Ukraine have shown a commitment to the transatlantic community, and the U.S. should provide advanced weapons and other tactical enablers, such as secure communications, to the Ukrainians. 
Ukraine has demonstrated a commitment to the transatlantic community, and now the United States must supply them with weapons!
Here, it turns out, is what the secret’s all about: admit yourself as a vassal of Washington – and that’s all, nothing else is needed. International law, the opinion of regional players – all irrelevant. Let’s take a closer look at what the author of the report proposes to supply Kiev:

Anti-tank weapons (especially taking into account the use of Russian T-72BM tanks by separatists), anti-ballistic radars. This will allow the Ukrainian forces to determine the origin of artillery strikes so that they can react quickly. The US has provided several, but more are needed. High-reliability communications equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles. This will significantly improve the situation with reconnaissance and coordination on the battlefield in order to withstand the efforts of the separatists. The United States should also constantly assess the effectiveness of the equipment that they supply to Ukraine. The U.S. should also continuously evaluate the effectiveness of equipment it sends to Ukraine. Sophisticated Russian technology has rendered some recently provided equipment largely useless. For example, in 2016, the U.S. supplied 72 Raven RQ-11B Analog mini-drones to Ukraine at a cost of $12 million; the analog drones proved ineffective against Russian-supplied electronic warfare, and many were jammed or hacked.

It turns out that the DPR and the LPR would be under fire from all types of armaments of from tanks and artillery to the system of electronic warfare.

In general, the report of the Heritage Foundation resembles another throw-in, aimed at worsening relations between Moscow and Washington. It is assembled clearly in a hurry and suffers greatly from the unpreparedness of the author. But he unambiguously fulfills his task: he adds fuel to the fire of the confrontation in the Donbass, provokes Kiev with alleged support the USA for more active actions, and, most importantly, drives a wedge between Trump and Putin.

What will come of it is a big question. Let’s not forget that this is not an official government document of the United States, but simply an opinion of independent analysts. But the ear needs to be kept open.
The entire Heritage Foundation report was in November, and can be read here. It makes one wonder whether the US is parroting Poroshenko propaganda or (more likely!) Poroshenko is reading a script from Washington. The essential falsehood “Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine is the victim.” The other main falsehood is utterly to omit the people of Crimea, the people of Donetsk and Donbass, and leave only Russia. The people of the Donbass enter into it only when the author speaks of the war costing 10,000 lives — without a mention of these losses being sustained by the bombardment of civilian residential districts. 

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