Only a miracle can save Europe; Russia preparing to seize neighbours – BILD


December 22, 2017 – FRN – 

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RIA News – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

The Russophobic German edition “Bild” has reported a new insidious move of Moscow. 

In fact, Moscow’s insidious move is nothing new. But, as practice teaches us, if Moscow does not commit insidious moves for a long time and the brain of the frivolous public begins to heal, it must be immediately bombarded by some new Russian threat. 

In this case, Bild, citing “two unnamed sources in Western intelligence agencies,” reports that the invasion of a number of countries is already in the works.

The newspaper reports – and in proof of this there is even a colour infographic with a map, arrows and shaded areas – Russia plans to capture:

1) Sweden, 

2) Finland 

3) Estonia 

4) Latvia 

5) Lithuania 

and even 

6) the Republic of Belarus.

The last point, of course, is especially interesting, that is, in recent exercises, the Russian Armed Forces must have achieved truly incredible mastery of camouflage – they conducted training together with Belarus on their own territory.

(Only a miracle can save Europe from invasion, because if Russian troops can do this, then the seizure of Europe can happen completely unnoticeably for Europeans. Moreover, it may even have happened already, but the information has not yet leaked.) 

At the end of the article, it talks about what could become the trigger for the beginning of the “red alert”. The authors come to the conclusion that a color revolution in Belarus can serve as a trigger – “which, naturally, will be declared a conspiracy by NATO.” Because Putin will perceive the democratization of the ally as a threat to himself and his power.

Having a threatening image of the unpredictable neighbour – Ivan in a fur hat – is useful for both convinced globalists and nationally oriented pragmatists. 

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