OPINION: Like Chávez – the betrayal of Venezuela’s middle class


December 15, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from PSUV.

CARACAS, Venezuela – This week I came across so many times with a comment so often heard, every time there are elections, every time a candidate is walloped by a zaparapanda of votes, the bitter phrase comes out of the depths of middle class supremacy: “They bought them (sold them) for a bag of food. ” After 18 years of electoral lessons, some seem to have learned nothing.

Believing that the town is sold, that the town is bought, shows a deep contempt for those who have sustained this revolution during all these years, enduring all the showers, the hardest and cruel side of this long battle.

We, the middle class, sin of arrogance. We got into a fight once it was started, and arrived, we wanted to order the pea. We did not come here to learn, we came to teach, because we read and traveled, we know how things should be, and things should be like an idyllic mix of Norway with Dubai and the USSR, polished with photoshop, an impeccable pod, where the human is erased by purity and perfection.

Uploaded to a ridiculous taburetico, with a baton of immaculate morality, we pointed out errors in a sea of ​​social, cultural and political advances, sprinkled with blunders, yes, but enormous advances in the end and out. We put names to things that we do not understand: populism, paternalism, demagogy, so we disqualify the urgent, often desperate, improvised lifeguards who have maintained, even in the worst moments of this war, the most vulnerable to afloat.

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From the taburetic, we point to Chavez, who does not do it that way, so it is not said, that he keeps the crucifix, that you fucked up, that I was on the left first than you. And they excuse me, but I am here because my limited ideological training does not allow me to continue in the comparsa that, clouded with arrogance, from the stool questioned Chávez his most thoughtful decision, the most difficult of all, the most definitive, which It was firm, full, like the full moon, irrevocable, absolute, total …

Chávez was wrong, they affirmed by dripping, while Nicolás took the helm in the middle of the most powerful storm. That way, not if the legacy, which will not last even two days, that will not win a single election, that they will see, that I’m going, that I do not sink with this boat, that pussy of the mother who does not sink, that’s good, that they see that I bring them some orientations, a new leadership, a real one, not like the one who takes the helm, who takes it so badly, who sees that there are corrupt, that looks Everything is expensive, I want apple chutney and pecans, which raised the Direct TV rate, people go hungry … Pussy, they give them CLAP boxes, they do not give them the fish, they teach them how to fish … What Is the card of the Fatherland? A card like that of AD? And the town taking off that pod because it has no political training …

While this way, boy, without political formation, the town deceived to the paramilitarism and crossed rivers and trails to vote by the Constituent one, and extinguished the candlestick, returned to vote, once and twice, in spite of the omens that from the stool they assured that the people would not vote any more because the Constituent Assembly only stopped the civil war but not the economic war and that was going to cost the Chavism, as it would cost him not to choose such a candidate.

And the people “making a mistake, selling themselves for a box of food, for a Christmas bonus”, vote for a project, with its successes and mistakes, with more successes than mistakes, the people aware that this project is not a name, nor a charge of popular election, that everything is much more complex, more long-range and at the same time immediate. Vote the town to stop the most ferocious attack of the historical enemy while aiming to consolidate the future like the one that Chávez told us.

Those who believe that the town sells for a box of food are wrong. Those who believe that with a box of food can buy it are also wrong. The people voted and will continue to vote in spite of the arrogance that insists on teaching it, not to be as it has been: courageous, clear, firm and victorious … like Chávez.

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