Patriarch Yazji: Syria is a country of love and brotherhood


December 17, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from SANA.

SYDNEY, Australia – The Patriarch of Antioch and the East of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch, John the 10th, affirmed that Syria is a country of love, harmony and brotherhood, stressing that what happened during the past years of killings, kidnappings and destruction committed by terrorists is strange to our society and we do not know this behavior.

“The sons of the Antiochian Church are peace students,” said Patriarch Yazji, who presided over the inauguration of Archbishop Basilius Qodsia of the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand and the Philippines at the St. George’s Cathedral in Sydney, Australia, stressing their survival in the East as “the roots of the earth.”

“We are not with migration or with displacement, but we want to stay and stay in the land where the Lord wants us to be born and live there,” said Patriarch Yazji.

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Patriarch Yazji denounced the suspicious international silence towards the file of the Archbishops of Aleppo, Paul Yazji and John Ibrahim, who were kidnapped by terrorist organizations in the countryside of Aleppo in the hope that their fate will be known.

Patriarch Yazji met the Sydney priests at the Archbishopric House and briefed them on the reality of the situation in Syria, stressing that things are going well to eliminate terrorism and restore stability in it.

“Our presence in the region in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine is an important and influential presence,” said Patriarch Yazji. “From here we tell the world that we are staying.”


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