Pravy Sektor radicals give Poroshenko a 72-hour ultimatum


December 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News-

– Tsargrad, translated by Tom Winter –

The Tsargrad headline:”Pravy Sektor radicals give Poroshenko 72 hours to escape”

The Novrosinform headline: “Radicals of the Pravy Sektor give Poroshenko 72 hours to restore order in the country”

same text, as below:

Right Sector representatives have given the Ukrainian president  a menacing warning. 

The militants of the “Right Sector” group, banned in Russia, made an urgent appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The radical with the call sign “Sivy” appealed to the leader of the country and said that he gives him a period of 72 hours to stop the lawlessness in the country.

Otherwise, he threatened, the ATO will come to Kiev (ATO – the zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation, as the Kiev authorities call the civil war against Donbass).

The militant also noted that his soldiers and the soldiers of the Armed Forces, if Poroshenko is inactive, “have a full moral and legal right to protect the population of Ukraine and launch an anti-terrorist operation in Kiev.”

At the same time, “Siviy” added that he is on the side of the rebel Mikhail Saakashvili, whom Ukrainian law enforcers tried to detain on Tuesday.

“Saakashvili must be released immediately, attacks on the NABU and SAP must be stopped immediately! The law on impeachment of the president must be adopted immediately!” angrily declared the radical, adding that if these demands are ignored, the “right-wingers” will begin to crack down on Poroshenko and his “carpetbaggers.”

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